Theatre Adda : Park Street Sessions presents ´Amimangsito´ – a play by Antarmukh. Written, composed and directed by Dr. Soumitra Bose, this play speaks of the unresolved situation of the women in our society who are faced with everyday violence by her in-laws, due to her inability to bring in enough dowry. The effect of marriages which are instead of harmonizing social relationships are actually completely destroying families. This is in spite of the state of the liberal social and economic conditions in which such relationship are situated, where one would think that the ancient oppressive mindsets would have given away to a greater sense of personal liberty and social justice. Expectations of  finding love within matrimony has been frustrated. In fact basic human values are consistently flouted and marriage ends up being the antithesis of  the idiom of love, security and welfare. It is true that many women are emerging within marriages as stronger identities and confronting the malice, yet there are many of those who are unable to fathom this abyss of betrayal and are less equipped to preserve their self interest.

Theatre Adda : Park Street sessions is a platform jointly curated by Alliance francaise du Bengale and Culture Monks for the development and experimentation in theatre, performance & allied fields. The sessions are held once every month since 2015.


Name of the play: Amimangsito.
By: Antarmukh
Duration: One hour (Approximately)
Language: Bangla
Play & Direction: Soumitra Basu
Characters: Samiran, Purna, Rahul, Kartik, Uma & Others

Venue : Alliance francaise du Bengale, Park Mansions, Park Street

Date & Time : October 24, 2017 . 7 pm – 8:30 pm

About the Play

‘Amimangshito’ is a one act Bengali play written composed and directed by Soumitro Basu.
‘Amimangshito’ is a heart wrenching story of domestic violence. A young wife (Purna) is physically tortured in order to extort money from her father (Samiran Roy), a respectable elderly gentleman from renowned Bengali family. Purna falls in love with her university friend Mithun… a nouveau rich boy whose father owns a local shop and has good political connections. Samiran yielding to his daughter’s wishes marries her off to Mithun.

After marriage Purna is abused and tortured by her husband’s parents ( Kartick and Uma). Initially Mithun appears to support Purna but as the story unfolds, reveals the character of a pretentious shrewd greedy and cunning husband. He threatens to burn Purna alive, despite being aware of the fact that she is carrying his child.

The drama opens with an ‘eccentric’ Samiran Roy trying to poison a financial agent, (Rahul Maity) in whose company Samiran has shown interest to invest in.

Purna’s failed marriage and her ghastly experience has shocked Samiran and made him partially insane. He constantly looks for revenge and despite all her efforts Purna has not been able to control his eccentric actions.

The different shades and tones of the characters and a pinch of suspense ( as to whether the financial agent dies or not.. due to poisoning) makes the drama gripping! An
inconclusive ending keeps the audience reminiscing the story and guess the consequences !!

About Dr. Soumitra Bose

Dr. Soumitra Bose is an eminent thespian. He was the HOD of Dept of Drama at Rabindra Bharati Universoty, Kolkata. He is also a theatre playwright, actor & director.


This program is supported by Iris Home Fragrance.




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