Young Monks Theatre Education is a contemporary theatre practice and education for children. Based on our research on Indian and Western performance practices this theatre education program aims at building a wide and deep foundation for the child’s future growth as an actor & in real life.

Theatre is also expressing feeling and emotions, imagining and co – creating. It is a space which provides freedom for young people to explore various aspects of life, to develop their emotional & sensory faculties & to express themselves with a sense of purpose, understanding & beauty.

In this ritual of theatre, childhood is well spent in practicing those essential things which otherwise gets buried under the ‘normal’ daily routine.

Here we discover the poetry of life. We read together stories and learn how to make our own stories & scripts. We practice speech and movements to bring the stories to life. We make friends and have fun.

Weekly sessions on hybrid mode .Medium of instruction is English.

To know more and register, either fill up this form or whatsapp +91 8697919308.

Young Monks Performs at Evening of Stories 2021

The second & final performance in the following video are by Young Monks

8 thoughts on “Young Monks theatre education for young people

    1. Hi. Let us know where you stay and we will give you the information of the center which would be nearest to you. Kindly connect (whatsapp) on +91 8697919308. Many Thanks


  1. Hi! My son is 7 and I would like him to join the theatre classes. We live in Ballygunge, near Birla Mandir. Please let me know the details of enrolment. Thanks and regards
    Gargi Dasgupta

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