Hello. We are starting a new batch of Young Monks online theatre sessions from November 2021 onwards.

Once a week sessions which will include training in theatre, acting , storytelling and performing for stage and camera .

The multicultural nature of the platform allows the children to widen their worldviews & value based thought, through the reading of wide variety of texts relating to important subjects and in working with teams which helps in building leadership qualities

The sessions are conducted once a week. Each module is of 6 months duration. We will stage a performance at the end of 6 months of training.

The primary medium of instruction is English.

About Young Monks Online Theatre Sessions

The experience of teaching children the craft of theatre and artistic expression in the virtual world with children has been a huge challenge and a new experience.

Theatre is about expressing feeling and emotions, imagining and co – creating. It is a space which provides freedom for young people to explore and express and unearth new possibilities.

However theatre practices have been designed for and evolved over centuries in physical spaces.

Children today have been forced out of their physical classroom & schooling has been condensed into small windows of virtual learning platform while at home for the past year or so and this has significantly increased the stress which they and their parents are negotiating. The child is now alienated from her/his familiar daily physical environments and interactions, she/he is increasingly been immersed in the digital world where they consume contents or interact in pre – determined narratives which has been developed with the aid of technology and at most times are far removed from reality.

It is remarkable how deftly the child is negotiating this environment, where, there also exists, along with many dangers and pitfalls, an unlimited potential to learn, express and create.

So we have designed sessions of co – creation where the child is nudged to create rather than consume. It is for them to be mindful of their environments and experiences, to be able to retell them in their own words, to build a power of imagination to create new narratives and articulate them not only through writings but physical enactments where they realize the physical space and its limitations and possibilities. It is not anymore about competing but co – creating.

It is our duty to make the children aware of the rich legacy of arts as also raise the question of values , imprint their identities as global citizens and prepare them to be an active actor in creating the future.

Sudipta Dawn

To know more and register, either fill up this form or whatsapp +91 8697919308.

8 thoughts on “Young Monks theatre sessions for young people

    1. Hi. Let us know where you stay and we will give you the information of the center which would be nearest to you. Kindly connect (whatsapp) on +91 8697919308. Many Thanks


  1. Hi! My son is 7 and I would like him to join the theatre classes. We live in Ballygunge, near Birla Mandir. Please let me know the details of enrolment. Thanks and regards
    Gargi Dasgupta

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