MutAction : Workshop of Theater directed by Dara Siligato

Culture Monks presents


Workshop of Theater-Dance Butoh and Voice.

Directed by Dara Siligato, performer Teacher and researcher
The workshop will develop over two intensive days, dedicated to the study and experience of these body languages

  • Deep Body/ Butoh
  • Body resonance
  • Body landscape.
  • Creation and improvisation.

About Butoh

The Butoh technique was born in Japan in the 50s and spread throughout Europe, becoming a philosophy of staging and the body, which takes on different shades and stylistic structures.

In any case, in all the directions, Butoh is a journey into the beauty of the essence, the authenticity of the gesture, the strength of the poetry body, opposed to virtuosity or techniques.What we want to offer during this workshop is a starting point,a poetic vision that will be supported by exercises and composition practices.

Workshop program.

Feb 22, 2020
Saturday from 11.00 AM to 18: 00 PM

-Suriashi Japanese meditative walk.
-Dance Meditation
-Body Resonance
-Vibrational voice 1[Activation exercises]

  • Active body- Passive Body
    Manipulation, Structured and progressive work with a partner, focused on breathing,
    stretching, alignment and relaxation.
  • Improvisations on poetic gesture

Feb 23, 2020
Sunday: from 11.00 AM to 18: 00 PM

-Repetition of the acquired qualities and deepening of poetic gesture
-Voice Vibration 2(Use of the voice in the body, body voice)
– Butoh,Landscape experience.
-Creative writing of the work done and greetingsThe workshop is open to people with a minimum of body work and with a desire to
research and deepen a specific poetic language

°You will need comfortable clothing and a notebook°.

Space : Calcutta Stories Cafe
P-452B, Keyatala Rd, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Keyatala, Kolkata,

Contact : +91 8697919308 and

The last date for registration is Feb 16, 2020.

About Dara Siligato


Dara Siligato, Creative and Dancer, facilitator and co-companion of art therapy and somatic education processes .

She began her classical dance studies at the age of 7, obtaining the diploma of the 10 preparatory years, with the teacher Milan Cristovich.

She studied Theater / Dance with Erica Giovannini, from the German Baush school.

She studied at the Vittorio Emanuele Theater in Messina, under the artistic direction of Maurizio Marchetti and Donato Castellaneta, professional course for Actors.

She weaves human and artistic relationships with the tradition of the place, learns the dances and songs of his land, not through courses, but with a lived and shared rituality, in peasant contexts and with groups that work on tradition.

for more details visit :

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