Project Nirbhoy which was launched in April 2020, as part of our socially engaged arts initiative, has grown significantly along with our grass root partner – DCBS.

The project which is designed for transforming the lives of women and girl in rural Bengal was launched with the support from noted British writer Tina Biswas and subsequently the Embassy of Israel in India, has not received additional funding from a UK based funding body for the next two years till 2023.

As part of Project Nirbhoy we have initiated the following program and we also list here the future course of action :

1. Economic : Grants and low interest loans to women for supporting livelihood and income generation activities. As of now we have the resources to extend low interest loans to 500 women. We have also distributed free chicks for poultry farming.

2. Sunderbans Girls Football Academy : The academy was launched in Nov 2020 , now has 120 girls who are regularly getting trained in football.

3. Tree of Hope : A project for creative expression – using various tools like theatre, storytelling, designing is approaching the issue of psycho physiological development and addressing issues like development, gender equality, migration and inter- faith harmony.

5. Training & Capacity Building Program for the farm and non farm sector is been undertaken to promote the use of scientific methods and technology.

4. Computer Literary Program : We are embarking on a project to provide computer literacy to children in South 24 pgns. This will be replicated in Uttar Dinajpur at a later date.


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