We continue our journey in the ākāśa story – performance practice with a 6 days workshop which will be hosted at Zorbha the Buddha, in New Delhi from January 21 – 27, 2023.  The workshop is open to past students of our Katha’Koli and  ākāśa workshops. However, new participants are welcome to join also. 

We shall be dwelling deep into the practice of uncovering the deeper meaning of stories and to add to its aesthetic and emotional appeal for the audience, through a process of exercises, discussions and lectures. Thematically we approach the contemporary retelling of folk tales. 

We will also be witnessing live traditional Indian storytelling performance in course of the workshop. 

At the end of the workshop the participants will emerge with performances.

ākāśa (previously called Katha’Koli) is a method of story performance based on the teachings of Natyashastra & Western theatrical practices. 

ākāśa international workshop residency on story performance is a continuation of our 6 years long journey to emerge with a new way for performing and making stories. Based on Natyashastra, this method has many applications in real life for performing artists and artists in general, in pedagogy, therapy and for building stronger & healthier society & institutions. 

For more about ākāśa story performance method click here .

Process requirements

Includes movement (low to moderate intensity) & voice exercises. 

Work will be both outdoor and indoors. 

Language of instruction will be English.

Other Details

Certificates will be issued at the end of the workshop. 
The recordings of the final performances will be available. 


Dates : Jan 21 – 27, 2023 ( check in Jan 21 by 12 pm and checkout on Jan 28) 

Place : Zorba the Buddha, 7, Tropical Dr, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Accommodation : Twin sharing basis , attached bathroom. All meals (vegetarian only) wil be provided. Those who want to make their own living arrangements in Delhi are welcome to do so also. 

To register email sudipta@culturemonks.in or whatsapp/telegram/call : +91 8697919308 

About the facilitators

Janardan Ghosh

Janardan is a storyteller, theatre actor, scriptwriter and director, film actor. He has been involved with performing arts for over 25 years & has trained & worked with prominent international and national theatre practitioners. He holds a doctorate from RKMVERI, Belur, West Bengal. 

Sudipta Dawn

Sudipta is a theatre teacher, dramaturge, workshop designer & faciitator and producer of art events. He is involved with several international arts project. 

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