Janardan Ghosh

Dr Janardan Ghosh is a performing artist, academic, theatre director, fim actor, playwright, performance coach and storyteller (Katha ‘Koli, a new art of storytelling) whose practice includes the use of traditional theories, contemporary performance vocabulary, and interactive media. His research-based work engages the indigenous practice methods in urban spaces exploring the perspectives of historicity, spiritual consciousness, intertextual dialogue, and body-space dynamics of myths, tales and gossips.

Indeed much of the past work has explored the themes of spirituality, myth, gender, sexuality and society. He has completed his doctorate in ´Performance and Shri Ramakrishna from the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University.

He has trained and worked with several international and national theatre and film directors  and is a critically acclaimed contemporary theatre practitioner in Bengal.

He is Teaching & Research Associate with RKM Vivekananda University, Creative Director of OGLAM & Culture Monks. Have acted in plays, webseries and award winning movies. Have been awarded for Performance in Education for Social change by Monash University, Australia and The Telegraph . Notably, recently a film where he played one of the leading reading role – Kalkokkho has been selected for the competitive section of the Busan Film Festival, 2021.

His recent films as an actor are Darkness Visible (2019) and Kayantar (Metamorphosis) (2019).

He has trained & attended workshops by prominent theatre practitioners like Badal Sircar,  Wolfgung Kolneder (Grips Theatre, Berlin), Anna Helena McLean, Parnab Mukherjee, John Retallack (Company of Angels, UK) and Royal Shakespeare Company (UK), Subhasish Sarkar (Taranga), Jayati Bose (Sutrapat), Anjan Datta (Open Theatre), and Anjan Dasgupta (Nabanatyam).

He is freshly working on Bhool Rasta, a play by Badal Sarcar. He was invited by ZID Theatre, Amsterdam for a Summer Project to read a paper on Experimental Indian Theatre, and he also represented India as an Artist in the Connecting Classrooms programme in UK (Stratford-upon Avon), for a seminar on Shakespeare for Students hosted by Royal Shakespeare Company and British Council.