Performance & Art Projects

We tend to experiment with the form & structure of  theatre & performances. We like working with various forms and with artists from around the world. Our work is strongly committed to performances & theatre as process, meant to understand & reconfigure our relationships with memory and dynamically seek to express our identities in various contexts. We have presented performances ranging from theatre, storytelling, street art, music & performance art, by artists from across disciplines and geographies.

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The performances which we produce, co-produce or host are as follows:

Culture Monks Productions

Our own production series is titles ‘Katha koli’ (word bud), which are essentially interdisciplinary storytelling performances.

Our performances thus far includes

  • Digambarim : The Body Alone
  • Waking in Dream Bodies
  • Taking Texts & Performing Prints


We have in the past and are working on co -productions with a few international artists & groups and will update the information soon.

The notable co productions include

  • Made in ILVA in India by Instabili Vaganti
  • Purusha in a Tutu with Diniz Sanchez
  • Resonating with Kali & Sick Dancing Princess with several artists
  • Horse Tale with Diniz Sanchez & Varun Desai
  • Digambarim with Francesca Fini
  • Trunk Call with Maham Suhail
  • Taking Texts and Performing Prints with several artists

Hosted Performances

In addition we have hosted several performances in India by Indian and international artists/groups, under the ‘Theatre Adda- Park Street Sessions’ program as well as our ‘Tour Management’ services.


We have curated some significant art projects. Notable ones includes

  • World Music Day with Alliance francaise du Bengale, 2016
  • Kumartuali Rising as part of One Billion Rising celebrations, 2017
  • Theatre Adda; Park Street Sessions with Alliance Francaise du Bengale
  • Film Festivals from Europe
  • Momentum Experimental Arts Festival

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