Culture Monks – interdisciplinary art praxis

Welcome to Culture Monks !!

Culture Monks is a global collective of artists & people from multiple fields who are working towards the common goal of creating new possibilities in artistic expression, strengthening of infrastructure for art practices, public engagement through arts, cultural advocacy and capacity building in a way which furthers the dialogue for the emergence of new thoughts & aesthetics.

Our underlying vision is to push the boundaries of aesthetics in real time so as to address the issue of our identity in the global context as also the creation of a sustainable society by instigating the need for experimentation, critical discourse and  creative thinking.

We have adopted an approach which is trans disciplinary and which allows for multiple perspectives to emerge through our various programs. We are committed to re- evaluating our position towards environmental ethics in terms of trying to forge an equilibrium in thought & communication which is non normative and has in mind the best interest of the veiled voices and non human spheres. Towards this goal we reach out to the mass of people & spaces who have been excluded from intellectual and cultural discourse and culturally conditioned by the mainstream media and aesthetics to provoke consciousness about the alternative realities & possibilities which elude them. We are also similarly concerned about the appropriation of technology by totalitarian systems and work extensively in leveraging its possibilities and limitations through our technology based performances and art projects.

Culture Monks is engaged in research, production, training & development in the field of theatre, performances, performance art, films & other allied activities.

Culture Monks has offices in Kolkata, Delhi & Lahore.  We are moving dynamically towards an an exciting future.

Please click here to know more about the team .


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2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi,
    Season’s greetings !!!
    I am an alumni of The National School of Drama, Delhi (1981)
    Have done lot of ‘Sanskrit theater’ in ” natyashastric” style.
    I would like to know more about the activity and may be become a part of it.

    warm regards,


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