Dialogue Series

This section is a collection of Dialogue.

These ‘Dialogue’s are part of our attempt to forge a participatory discourse on  art & culture .It further a deeper exploration in course of our interaction, collaboration with artists, spaces and other stakeholders. Through this we hope to approach serious concerns in art, culture and creativity, reflecting upon global practices and alternative routes, seeking a deeper understanding of the existing systems & finding new ones.

“David Bohm (2004) described dialogue as a basis for social intelligence and creativity. He understood dialogue as a genuine connectivity in conversations/social interactions, based on a caring openness to the other (and acknowledgment of one‟s own limits and fragility), as opposed to the mere contest of wills of the discussion (whereby each discussant tries to „convince‟, that is, to impose forcefully upon others, one‟s truth, one‟s will, and/or one‟s individual creativity). Thanks to its openness, Bohm‟s dialogue defines an intersubjectivespace of shared experience where creativity can emerge”. (Sacha Kagan & Julia Hahn)

Here is a collection of interesting interviews conducted by  Culture Monks, friends or partners, of artists, groups or people associated with our projects  touching on themes and subjects of performance, culture, sustainability & allied disciplines.

This is an effort in our ongoing research to understand the environment of art & culture and find ways to remove the obstacles for an effective dialogue towards development.

If you have an interview or discussion to share or would like to pursue, please do get in touch with us at sudipta@culturemonks.in