Kolkata International Butoh Festival

Welcome to the 1st Kolkata International Butoh Festival. The festival will be held at various locations in Kolkata from Feb 20-28, 2016.  This is bought to you by Subbody Butoh School, The Arshinagar Project & "Katha' Koli". Supported by Alliance francaise du Bengale, Sampark publishing, Padatik theatre & others. About Butoh Butoh is an avant … Continue reading Kolkata International Butoh Festival


Open call for “The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival, 2016”

About Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival The Ghosts of Shakespeare festival is organized by The Arshinagar Project every year to commemorate the birth anniversary, and hence starts on April 23rd. The festival is held at multiple venue in Kolkata and its suburbs. This year we are going to take this festival to Bangalore & Delhi.   … Continue reading Open call for “The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival, 2016”