butoh festival

Welcome to the 1st Kolkata International Butoh Festival.
The festival will be held at various locations in Kolkata from Feb 20-28, 2016.

 This is bought to you by Subbody Butoh School, The Arshinagar Project & “Katha’ Koli”.
Supported by Alliance francaise du Bengale, Sampark publishing, Padatik theatre & others.
About Butoh
Butoh is an avant garde performance art & movement form, that has its origins in Japan in the 1960’s. After the second world war, Japan was a country in transition. It was a country still holding onto its old world traditional values while being forced into western democratic values by America’s conquest. During this time there was much student unrest and protest.
Theatre groups were performing socially challenging pieces, and there were daily demonstrations in the streets. Butoh was born out of this chaos.
Its founders were a young rebellious modern dancer named Tatsumi Hijikata (1928 -1986), and his partner Kazuo Ohno (b. 1906).
About Kolkata International Butoh Festival
The festival seeks to introduce Butoh to Kolkata and also to explore Kolkata through Butoh. Participants from all over the world will be taking part in the festival.
The festival will include, performances, workshops, lectures, exhibition on Butoh art, film shows & performance poetry. Several collborations with Kolkata based artists, poets, musicians, etc is on the cards.
The schedule for the festival is as follows:
program flyer.

The Concept

There are many festivals. This is one of them. An intimate offspring of our association with Butoh, as part of our performing arts research. What a festival of Butoh. Butoh, as a form is not very well known to people in Kolkata. Besides Butoh itself, as a form, has undergone rapid changes and is been interpreted in various forms, a result of it free flowing nature. The festival explores the various facets of Butoh, as it has moved from the limited geo cultural space of its origin to affect so many people throughout the world, who in turn have interpreted it in their specific cultural and performing practice. It is also to explore its journey through the culture  scape of Kolkata. For art to flow & to be free, it is important to find new spaces and relationships, not merely to confine to the tradition, but to grow.

It is our endeavour, a challenging one at that, to find these spaces and relationships, which is not aimed at reconfirming the old and know, but to experience and react to the new.



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