crisis of civilisation : a musical featuring mohiner ghoraguli

In Rabindranath Tagore's last speech before death, Crisis of Civilisation, he summarized his take on what was the real crisis the world was facing: Nationalism and its various nefarious avatars. Tracing the path of Tagore's political life, this is a play involving acting, narration and his own musical work. A bio-pic of a kind.


tabla workshop by shankar patra

This intense workshop is designed to give participants a comprehensive idea on basics of Tabla - ranging from understanding of instrument, position and postures to effective techniques of regular Riyaz along with tips and twists of becoming a successful stage performer. There will be specific compositions that Sri Patra will be demonstrating is the outcome of his prolonged research and varied learning.

motion and emotion : sessions of dance therapy

Starting from July 2018 we will be conducting regular sessions of 'Motion and Emotion', conducted by Debashree Mukherjee. The 12 sessions will be held at Culture Monks, 164/C/17 B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata - 700045, West Bengal , India. The session dates are as follows July :  17 , 20 , 24  &  27 … Continue reading motion and emotion : sessions of dance therapy