Michu Michu: a theatrical performance by Prasthan

In some time, we shall experience apartheid - this world will be inhabited by a few greedy, selfish, blind people. There will be no need to kill or silence dissent - for the state would have turned its citizens into voiceless and senseless guinea pigs - who will be there to listen or head to cries for freedom ?

In the form known as Third Theatre - Michu Michu

will be performed in the Open Air Theatre of Calcutta Stories Cafe ( Tak Heng) at 7 pm on Feb 4, 2020.


culture monks theatre education for adults

Culture Monks & The Doodle Room is happy to bring to you a weekend theatre education program for ages 17 and above.

Mentored by highly committed, experienced & qualified theatre , music and visual arts practitioners, this module draws from the teachings of Natya Shastra, Konstantin Stanislavski, Jerzy Growtwoski, Anne Bogart and well as from years of practice.

The program will work on all aspect of the students including his voice, body and emotions., through a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge sharing and exercises.

This one year program is divided into 3 modules of 4 months each.

an evening of stories – celebrating international day of peace 2019

Alliance française du Bengale, Oakridge Foundation & Culture Monks in association with Masterpeace are very happy to announce the ¨Une Soirée pleine d’histoires (An Evening of Stories) ¨ on the International Day of Peace, on September 21, 2019 at Alliance française du Bengale, Park Mansions, Park Street. The timing is from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm.