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Soirée pleine d’histoires – Evening of Stories is a platform which celebrates the art of storytelling & it’s important function in society.

This gathering has been jointly organising by Alliance française du Bengale and Culture Monks since 2016.

Venue : Alliance Française du Bengale, Park Mansions, Park Street, Kolkata and partly on zoom.

The program schedule is as follows :

Roundtable on Jan 6, 2023 from 5 pm onwards .

This is a hybrid event. For those who would like to access it online join using this link.

Theme : Story & Discourse

Participants : Janardan Ghosh, Dennis Gupa, Gauri Raje, Maya Ross, Sylvi Belleau, David Rincon & others.

January 7, 2023 : Kolkata Dérive (Kolkata drift) starting from in front of Oberoi Grand Hotel from 10 am. 

An urban drift

“This is an open participatory performance – anyone can join and collect/produce data from the drift (sound, sketches, interviews, photographs, video, poetry, texts) upload them (for inst. on soundcloud, vimeo, flickr etc…) and send us the link”

January 7, 2023 from 5 pm :  Performances at Alliance Française du Bengale, Park Mansions, Park Street 

This is a hybrid event. For those who would like to access it online join using this link

List of performances

Arachnea is a performance by Sylvi Belleau about a weaving competition between a woman and a goddess.

The Childminders baby and other stories by Parvathy Roseline in three languages.

Antenna Gods is a sound art performance by DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult is inspired by the sociologist Lutz Koepick remarks in Aesthetics and Politics of Slowness : Slowness allows us to experience our present with all its different speeds, and in all its complexity and diversity.

Plasticide is a performance by Ekaluvya reflects upon the complicated relationship we now share with plastic.

The unusual happenings at 57 A Park Street is an interactive performance by Sanjoy Bose with the stories emerging out of the crevices and hiddens corners of the investigated site.

Typhoon vs Typhoon performance by Dennis Gupa from the Philippines.

The legend of Saint Anthony of fire is a performance by Enedina Sana about how fire came on earth.

The Unraveling is a performance by Rayna Mukherjee.

Freedom and Slavery is a performance by Indraneel Roy which is inspired by the civil rights movement.

Winter in an artist life is a contemporary dance based performance by Oindrila Ghosh reflects upon the lines of what Martha Graham said ‘A dancer dies twice’.

A guided tour in the neural network of a nihilist is a performance by Saikat Surai and Janardan Ghosh

Slow weaving : Tales and exhibition of the process of the indigenous looms in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Gram Udyog Sansthan.

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