Young Monks Theatre & Performance is a platform for children to develop their expressive & creative faculties including – creative writing, various forms of performances including theatrtical, public speech & video graphical.

The content of the training focuses on the design thinking, language and acting skills, understanding of space and lighting & handling of the camera.

The multicultural nature of the platform allows the children to widen their worldviews & value based thought, through the reading of wide variety of texts relating to important subjects and in working with teams which helps in building leadership qualities

For age groups 6 yrs – 9 yrs and 10 yrs – 15 yrs. The sessions are conducted online , once a week.

The platform teachers are all experienced theatre practitioners and performers from around the world.

Theatre is about transformation, about resilience, building character and a voice which overcomes all odds and has found a way to flow through the ages. It is deeply rooted , yet throbbing with possibilities.

About Young Monks Theatre & Performance Platform

Theatre is a way of Life , it is deep pool of understanding of humanity and his environment. It helps to equip the student of theatre with the necessary tools, knowledge and attitude to navigate through life, to transform his/her own life and the society in a positive manner.

The primary medium of instruction is English.

To know more and register, either fill up this form or whatsapp +91 8697919308.

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