We are inviting your articles on the topic of Retellings. Your article could be essays or stories which deconstructs and reconstructs an epic or folk tale and emerges with a new narrative which is essential for the times we live in and for the times to come. The world has mechanised and created an universal body by means of the perpetration of curated thoughts through the multiple channels of media so easily controllable . The erasure of the indigenous knowledge and the inherent sensorial responses of the memory and body in human communication is now almost complete. The question we ask are what really matters to us, what are the narratives we are seeking to change and how deeply are the existing narratives embedded in our collective memories and through which stories ?Then can we create new stories to change these narratives in our collective memories ? The article could be up to 3000 words. We are going to publish the same online and also do a print edition in 2023. Thanking you immensely for reading this and hoping to receive your contributions.

Please try to send in the articles by Dec 31, 2022 and we would like to make the print publication by Feb 2023.

Send articles to sudipta@culturemonks.in

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