Alliance Française du Bengale & Culture Monks are delighted to invite teachers of educational institutions to join the ākāśa story telling & performance workshop as part of Soirée pleine d’histoires – Evening of Stories 2022, to be held at Alliance Française du Bengale, Park Street, Kolkata on Nov 25, 2022 from 4 pm – 7 pm.

This 2.5 hours workshop to be held on Nov 25, 2022, is an introduction to the ākāśa method of storytelling.

This method which is based on Indian aesthetic practices, particularly on Natyashastra and folk theatre methods along with contemporary western performance theories and practices, lays greater stress on the inner transformation within the storyteller and the emotional connect which she/he develops with the audience.

Learn more about the ākāśa storytelling workshop by clicking on this link :

The idea is for the teachers to use the learning from the workshop to develop performances by their students which would be then showcased at the Evening of Stories 2022. If course we also welcome the participation from the teachers at the Evening of Stories 2022.

To join please fill this form

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