culture monks theatre education for adults

Culture Monks & The Doodle Room is happy to bring to you a weekend theatre education program for ages 17 and above.

Mentored by highly committed, experienced & qualified theatre , music and visual arts practitioners, this module draws from the teachings of Natya Shastra, Konstantin Stanislavski, Jerzy Growtwoski, Anne Bogart and well as from years of practice.

The program will work on all aspect of the students including his voice, body and emotions., through a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge sharing and exercises.

This one year program is divided into 3 modules of 4 months each.


young monks theatre summer camp

Young Monks Theatre Summer Camp is an intensive theatre camp for children. It introduces children to basics of theatre through games and exercises. The participant will learn about scripting a performance, the technicalities of acting on stage and then finally the confidence to perform in front of an audience. Mentored by experienced faculty who have conducted workshops throughout Indian and abroad, we hope that the child will cherish this experience.

getting sentimental with tina biswas : a workshop & performance

Celebrating the contemporary - woman and women writing from South Asia , the session will invite the audience to break free from the strong patriarchal hierarchy of logic and enrich everyone through a sharing of their 'sentiments' freely on issues relating to their lives and society.

open call for volunteers | trainees | interns in various roles & functions

Open Call for Volunteers | Trainees | Interns in various roles & functions. Please note that this is a voluntary opportunity. We will not be able to compensate the person financially, although costs involved with travel outside Kolkata, project costs etc will be reimbursed.   This is a great learning experience for young people who … Continue reading open call for volunteers | trainees | interns in various roles & functions