mudrasa : masterclass by dr. rakini devi

Using a few key gestures as a guideline, I attempt to extend the experience of performance through the elements of risk and spontaneity, a practice I find exhilarating. These methodologies are the framework within which I give a workshop with other artists, and change according to their preference or practice in physical theatre or dance.


digambarim : a performance

Culture Monks is delighted to present a ´kathaḱoli´ interdisciplinary storytelling performance - DIGAMBARIM , at the West Bengal Theatre academy´s annual theatre festival. দিগম্বরীম মানুষের দুটি অস্তিত্ব । একটি অন্তরের, একটি বাইরের । প্রায় তারা একে অপরের সাথে মিলে গিয়ে, পাল্টে দেয় জীবনের যাপন চিত্র । একটি পুরুষ তার বিভ্রান্তি ও সংকট নিয়ে আশ্রয় নেয় … Continue reading digambarim : a performance

digambarim : philosophy, influences and practice

The influences of Derrida and philosophy of eco- feminism have sparked off our creative juices when we decided to start a storytelling platform which would deconstruct the way stories were told and perceived & the paradigms which they represented. This is how the idea of 'Katha'koli' emerged. We decided to approach the semantics of paradigm … Continue reading digambarim : philosophy, influences and practice