momentum experimental arts festival 2018

Momentum Experimental Arts Festival 2018 Continuing our journey to forge a dialogue with among artist and audiences in Kolkata with global trends in experimentation within arts, music & performance - The Momentum 2018 edition is a series of a work sessions, workshops which focuses on not only forms but also its interactions with new spaces … Continue reading momentum experimental arts festival 2018


edges of an urbanized river : the hoogly – kolkata nexus

Edges of an Urbanized River - The Hoogly Kolkata nexus, is a video & sound art piece which was the result of cross - cultural collaboration and was realized in Kolkata at the end of Jan, 2018. It explores the fringes situated the edge of the river Hoogly and the Kolkata city.

open call for transArt . 2 – the river

transArt is back again. This time on a river cruise on the Hoogly. Delighted to announce the next edition of transArt - called ''The River' on the Hoogly river cruise on Jan 21, 2018, If you are a performance artists, musician or a poet or or would like to do an installation for the evening, … Continue reading open call for transArt . 2 – the river

digambarim : a performance

Culture Monks is delighted to present a ´kathaḱoli´ interdisciplinary storytelling performance - DIGAMBARIM , at the West Bengal Theatre academy´s annual theatre festival. দিগম্বরীম মানুষের দুটি অস্তিত্ব । একটি অন্তরের, একটি বাইরের । প্রায় তারা একে অপরের সাথে মিলে গিয়ে, পাল্টে দেয় জীবনের যাপন চিত্র । একটি পুরুষ তার বিভ্রান্তি ও সংকট নিয়ে আশ্রয় নেয় … Continue reading digambarim : a performance