Life in and out of the Theatre – A theoretical and anecdotal meander through the landscape of personal experience.We are very happy to be hosting Khalid Tyabji for a talk on his experience in theatre,. Khalid’s  work and indeed life has been deeply impacted by the the theatre of Growtowski. He has translated and edited Zbigniew Cynkutis’ Acting with Grotowski . Khalid is a founder of Jolkha Theatre Trust and has painstakingly created a wonderful space for theatre practice in New Delhi, where he lives.

Details :

Entry is free to the talk. Registration is necessary for attending the talk and there are limited seats. Drop me a line at or call me at 8697919308.

The venue will decided soon ( it will be in Central or South Kolkata). The talk will on August 24th. The timings will be from 7 pm onwards, the talk to be followed by a drinks and snacks and an opportunity for an informal chat with Khalid.

Biografical note.

It was perhaps from his wandering childhood that Khalid Tyabji  acquired his plural view of humanity  and an ease in slipping between cultures. He refers to himself as a fool in the world of the stage and on the stage of the world. He is a performer with one leg in the theatre and one on the street with actions in ‘normal’ societies as well as abnormal ones. Tyabji was launched unexpectedly into the theatre via Barry John’s Theatre Action Group when a student of history and sociology at Delhi University. While tracking the genesis of the modern European mind he has been a motorcycle traveller between cities and their libraries. He wrote an M. Phil on the European (and modern Indian) view of tribal thought in diachronic relation to its own while inventing a mode of tomfoolery as synchronic theatrical bridge in tribal Bastar. He worked on a Ph.D on the scientific revolution until being diverted entirely into the theatre. Seeking Grotowski he found himself working with Jola Cynkutis who became his partner in life, teaching and performance. He has translated and edited Zbigniew Cynkutis’ Acting with Grotowski  from the Polish and studied woodworking with David Charlesworth but failed in his attempt to institute an informal Baul university with Gour Khepa. He occasionally appears on film and disappears for long months producing furniture, tools and instruments in his workshop. Never having formally studied acting or theatre he has held the title of Visiting Professor in these domains since 1989. He is currently trying to make-up for his lack of musical education, editing a book by Prof. J.P.S. Uberoi, his teacher of sociology,  building a theatre in his home in Delhi and creating a new solo performance.



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