Alliance Francaise du Bengale & Culture Monks present : “B- Minor ( a short independent film ) by Sudipto Roy & “Shadows of Fire ” as a part of Theatre Adda : The Park Street Sessions.

Entry to the show is free but requires prior registration. To register please call 8697919308.

B-Minor. ( A short independent film) by Sudipto Roy.

An attempt to explore the boundaries of subtle story-telling. Short and succinct. With layers of intrigue woven in to a taught storyline. The scope was 15 minutes and the belief rested on the premises of a departure from the usual formulaic ‘short’ format. Yes, we made this film with a belief that our audience would like to try their otherwise similar cinema viewing experience with a different approach.
Do share your views with us…
Presenting: The teaser of B-Minor…

Shadows of Fire : A Butoh performance by Naireet Basak

“Where the living death doesn’t exist, life takes its place. Just as the person who loses his shadow becomes the shadow of himself ‘

This is a solo Butoh performance that delves into the subconscious of our body and mind and tries to call out to the fire hidden within us; but does fire have a shadow? This piece explores the birth of an untamed creature, its growth and its play with the different elements found in nature. It looks for freedom from all these, with help from the balance of the ambers and blues in a body, but gets stuck in some dilemma of energy. This creature tries to intimidate the watchful eyes and reacts according to the energy of the place of its birth every time. Eventually it either escapes the cacophony of the watchful eyes or it perishes.

Naireet Basak

Naireet Basak is a theatre maker and performer who has worked with various spaces and art organisations across the country in various limits. He is trained in Kalaripayatu and Butoh. He has also done short workshops and trainings in clowning, Tai-chi, contemporary dance, Kudiyattam and various other theatre making forms. His primary interest is telling stories through moving body images. His involvement with theatre has been from an early age of 10. When he worked in a children’s Theatre Company in Kolkata. Later after realising the strength of theatre he kept working with artists in Mumbai, and Kerala. He also uses his skills in Directing Annual days with children in Schools. He directed “Sound of Music” and “Pocahontas” in the last couple of years at The Frank Anthony Public School and St. Thomas Day School, Kolkata respectively. Last year he directed his first Performance with actors and theatre enthusiasts in Kolkata called “Love Circus” {6 actor movement performance piece in an Old House.

About Theatre Adda

Theatre Adda : Park Street Sessions, is a performance space curated by Culture Monks in association with Alliance Francaise du Bengale, to allow for dialogue to evolve theater & performances through experimentation. We have been regularly hosting performances, talks, etc since November 2015.


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