For those who seek quietude in chaos, the depth of space, resonance with the universe, the connect with eternity, the Kolkata International Butoh Festival, 2017 , is just the space to be in. “Butoh’, is a radical movement and dance form, which originated in Japan as a response to the despair of the aftermath of the atom bombing of Hirshima and Nagasaki. Amongst the hopelessness and chaos, rising from the rubbles, this form gave a voice to the deep anguish and the resolve to dig deep within oneself to find a fight to withstand the times which bleed and burned.

Since then, the form has evolved and adapted itself to the times and been has inspired many an artists in their pursuit to find another type of beauty, which is away from the normative cultural construct, and sense of aestehtic which is both a radical and which stretches the boundaries.
This year , we are lucky to have with us : Rhizome Lee, a Butoh Master, born and trained in Japan, who is also the founder and director of the Subbody Butoh School, in Dharmasala, and a bunch of artists from throughout the old , oozing of creative talent and redefining the boundaries of creation.
We will host various events, in the course of the festival – performances which explores unknown and known spaces, exhibitions inspired by Butoh – photographs, paintings, art exhibitions, workshops for people from all walks of lives – both outdoors and indoors . We are also looking at collaborating with other artists and performers.
We will of course, update the schedule soon. In case you would want to collaborate and be a part of the festival, just drop me a line at
The 2nd Kolkata International Butoh Festival is a lovely way to start 2017, with new ideas, vigour & spirit !!
More Soon…

Read about the Kolkata Butoh Festival by clicking here :

Here are some images from the last years festival :


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