Moonfool Theatre & Culture Monks presents:  Actor. Chorus. Text (ACT Youth) training program, staring with a workshop, for age groups 10 -16, in Bangalore, to be led by Emily Jane Grant from Moonfool, UK.

ACT Youth is a training program devised by Anna Helena McLean of Moon Fool, UK. Read more on ACT Youth Workshops & Productions here

We start off the India program with a workshop at Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices to be led by Emily Jane Grant from the ACT team from UK. The workshop will be based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’.

The dates are

27th Nov- Sunday – 10 : 30 am -12 : 30 noon
28th Nov- Monday – 5 pm -7 pm
29th Nov – Tuesday – 5 pm -7 pm

There is the option of registering for individual sessions or for the whole workshop.

To register please fill up this form

Additionally send your photo to

For more details and to register, please write to or call 8697919308.


Turning Shakespeare Upside Down.

A physical and musical theatre workshop led by international practitioner Emily Jane Grant, exploring Shakespeare’s texts using gesture, movement, rhythm and song.

Moonfool Theatre Company is back in India and excited to be offering new taster theatre sessions for young people. Explore Shakespeare and encounter a new theatre training. This is Actor. Chorus. Text.

Let playful exercises in music, rhythm and dynamic physicality take you on a journey to encounter themes, characters and deepen your understanding of Shakespeare’s stories.



Participants will take part in playful energetic group games. This area of the training develops team spirit and creates the chorus. ACT prepares participants for powerful group ensemble performance.



Explore traditional folk song and see how music can create atmosphere and deepen the exploration of character and story.  Students will work on solo and choral singing, and rhythm using the breath, voice and body.



In creating a physical language to express words, themes, emotions and explore character, students will develop an alphabet of gesture over the course of the workshop creating a new method of storytelling.



Working with breath, gesture and impulse, lean on a friend literally in this new look at how group and partner work can train and develop us as actors learning to breathe, move and react as one.



Gain a deeper understanding of the story through structured improvisations leading to work on key speeches and scenes.

Workshop Leader : Emily Jane Grant


Emily Jane Grant is visiting India with theatre company Moonfool delivering youth drama workshops to train young people in their ACT training.

Emily Jane is a dedicated performer and Theatre in Education specialist. She believes that drama has the power to educate and empower people allowing them to gain confidence and greater control of themselves, to communicate effectively with others and to have lots of fun along the way. She holds a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre arts from Middlesex University, a PGCE in French and Drama and trained as a performer at renowned theatre school E.N.S.A.T.T (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre) in France. She has worked for nearly 10 years now as a bilingual theatre practitioner and performer specialising in theatre with and for young people. She works for many different companies in London performing and leading drama workshops. She is currently touring her own one woman version of The Three Musketeers. In the summer months she works in Switzerland at Le Rosey international school as a director for the theatre department, she has performed at the Neapolis festival in Nabeul, Tunisia, has trained young people to lead workshops in SMD school, Kathmandu, Nepal and has run theatre projects in a number of schools across India. She has delivered physical theatre and mask sessions for Trestle theatre Company, is an ensemble theatre leader for the International Schools Theatre Association.  Having been a long standing member of north-east based company Théâtre sans Frontières, she now runs her own theatre company Join the Dots and is working with Moonfool to develop the Youth strand of the ACT training both in UK and in India.



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