Iris Home Fragrance , Jillian Haslam & Culture Monks presents Over A Cuppa : Jillian Haslam Sessions.

Over A Cuppa is an art & performance based project which interacts with various segments of realities and society through performances, exhibitions, lectures, etc.

The Jillian Haslam sessions will be a series of talks by Jillian Haslam for students in school, college & university to equip them with necessary life & communication skills to tide over adverse situations and motivate them to imagine a vision and maintain their focus in achieving their goals.

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Jillian Haslam- a survivor of a dystopian childhood spend in Kolkata, in spaces called ‘slums’, against all odds, reached a space, not only economically & socially, but as a human being- transcending limits posed by reality to stay true to her vision which is of a world where the subaltern finds a voice and a resolve to perform beyond limitations. Her methods and theories are experiential and practical. Her presence is inspirational.

The dates and institutions for the talks are as follows

Sep 6 – Jewish Girls School

Sep 6 – Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University

Sep 7 – Loretto College

Some of the topics which Jillian will speak about are-

·How she went from being homeless and extremely poor and uncertain to a successful banking professional turned celebrity author, motivational speaker, trainer and philanthropist.

·How not just to survive hard times, but use them to achieve greater success in the future.

·How to develop the courage to overcome your fears and pursue what you really want in life.

·The secret to persistence and gaining a rock-steady focus on achieving your goals.

·How to develop and maintain a positive attitude even in the midst of the worst of circumstances.

·How to ask for help and to understand the difference between quantity and quality in what you are seeking.

5 Powerful tips on Public speaking:
Your voice: Every dream, every ambition & every change that you see in the world has happened because someone made themselves heard!!
Feelings: Research & understanding the needs of your audience is key to feeling the pulse of your audience & to delivering a successful speech
Self-Talk: “As a Man Thinketh so is he – said James Allen.” What you tell yourself about yourself is what makes all the difference!!
Passion: Stay within the realms of your passion and you will wow your audience. Do not try to be the expert you are not, it will show!!
Your Message: Remember to always provide your audience with a “Take Away” – What can they learn and apply to their own lives
5 Powerful points to help with Confidence & Persistence:
An Irrepressible Mind:  Building a concrete mind-set happens when you become an expert at switching negative to positive
Your End: Remembering that you are here to fulfill a purpose and so is every other man. 
Fear: Our past experiences paralyze us. Removing these road-blocks is key to not settling for second best in life.
Attitude: Your attitude can take you to places you can only ever dream of or leave you sitting at a desk for 20 odd years. Humility pays big time!!
Hard work: Talent, Recommendations & Degrees may get you through the door but it can’t keep you there. Only Hard work can!!

About Jillian Haslam


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Jillian Haslam is a professional keynote speaker … a published author … a successful businesswoman… a philanthropist … with a unique story that inspires her audience to overcome whatever struggles they face and become truly extraordinary! She lives in Britain and Kolkata.

Born to British parents who were unable to leave India after Independence, Jillian Haslam grew up in shockingly cruel circumstances. As the fifth of 12 siblings, several of who died of malnutrition, she lived with her family in a slum in Kidderpore and off charity until she managed to leave the city at the age of 17 for Delhi.

After working in the Delhi for a few years, Jillian Haslam got selected by Bank of America, where her projects for corporate charity earned her accolades and eventually a passage to England, where she now lives with her husband and two of her sisters. She has written an autobiography which is in the process of being made into a movie.

Jillian is a Trustee on the board of Remedia Trust. Remedia is a non-profit organization in India that seeks to provide support for,and the betterment of, people. Remedia’s operations have expanded to cater to old age people, the sick, the disabled, the impoverished and the neglected. Two such vocational study centres are running in Kolkata and a few more are in the pipeline.

Press & media on Jillian Haslam

The Telegraph, Kolkata 

The Hindu

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