wordpress-bannerSatyajit Ray Film & Television Institute alongwith Culture Monks are delighted to present to the cinema lovers in Kolkata the Film Festivals from Europe, 2016. The festival will held from September 30 – October 2, 2016. The venue is the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata.

This festival will feature a selection of  films & documentaries, in both long & short format, from film festival circuit around Europe, including, RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival),  Festival del film Locarno, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin,  &  FIFA (Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons)

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The festival is been supported by Iris Home Fragrance, Friends FM & Sampark Publishing.

The following eminent personalities from European film circuit, will be in Kolkata for the festival , to interact with the film lovers and speak about their experience in the various aspects of film making and distribution as also about the festival circuit. There will also be a live performance of a tabla recital & other live performances, art installations and exhibition.

From Locarno: Lionel Baier  (film director)

From FIFA Mons:  Mr. André Ceuterick, Executive Officer of the ‘Festival du Film d’Amour de Mons’ (aka FIFA).

From Rome RIFF: Simone Mariani ( film director ) and  Sanjay Kansa Banik (table maestro)

The screening schedule is as follows:


September 30, 2016 –  October 2, 2016

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute


Screening Schedule**

Time Films | Event Venue
11 am – 12 pm Short Films from Locarno – Switzerland Main Theatre
 DEAR DIRECTOR– Directed by Marcus Lindeen, Sweden, 14 min.  
 D’OMBRES ET D’AILES – (Of Shadows and Wings) Directed by Eleonora Marinoni and Elice Meng, Switzerland/France, 13 min. 2015  
Short Films from RIFF ( Rome Independent Film Festival) – Italy  
DIMMI COSA SENTI ( Tell Me What You Feel) – Directed by Paolo Strippoli, Italy, 14 min. 2014  
NEL SILENZIO (In the Silence) – Directed by Lorenzo Ferrante, Matteo Ricca, Italy, 15 min. 2015  
12 pm – 1 : 25 pm Documentary from Locarno : Switzerland Main Theatre
Fragments du Paradis – (About Heaven) , Documentary – Directed by Stéphane Goël, Switzerland, 85 min, 2015  
2 : 30 pm – 4 pm Master class by Lionel Baer New CRT
4 : 30 pm – 5 : 15 pm Inauguration Program & performance by Culture Monks Main Theatre
 5 : 30 pm – 6 : 45 pm Long Feature from Locarno : Switzerland Main Theatre
LA VANITÉ Vanity – Directed by Lionel Baier, Switzerland/France, 75 min, 2015  
6 : 45 pm – 7 pm Discussion on the movie LA Vanite with Lionel Baer Main Theatre
7 : 30 pm – 8: 40 pm Long Feature from RIFF (Rome International Film Festival), Italy Main Theatre
ILFATTORE UMANO (The Human Factor), Documentary – Directed by Matteo Alemanno & Francesco Rossi, Italy, 70 min, 2014  
Time Films | Event Venue
11  am – 12 pm Short Films from FIFA (Festival du film d’amour de mons) – Belgium  Main Theatre
INEFFAÇABLE (Ineffaceable) – Directed by Grégory Lecocq, Belgium, 23 min, 2015
L’OMBRE D’UN AUTRE (Someone else’s shadow)– Directed by Léo Médard,Belgium, 28 min, 2015
1  pm – 2 : 30 pm Master class by Belgium Executive Director of FIFA (Festival du film d’amour de mons) – Belgium New CRT
3  pm –  4 : 40 pm Long feature from Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, Portugal Main Theatre
A VINGANÇA DE UMA MULHER ( A WOMAN’S REVENGE) – Directed by Azevedo Gomes, Portugal, 100 min, 2011  
5 pm – 6 : 50 pm Documentary from FIFA (Festival du film d’amour de mons) – Belgium  Main Theatre
SUR LA PISTE DE YU BIN (On the trail of Bin Yu, Documentary) – Directed by Jean-Christophe Yu, 110 min, 2015  
7 : 15 pm –  8 : 45 pm Long Feature from FIFA (Festival du film d’amour de mons) – Belgium Main Theatre
  TOUS LES CHATS SONT GRIS (All Cats are Grey) – Directed by Savina Dellicour, Belgium, 84 min, 2014  
Time Films | Event Venue
10 am – 12 pm Short Films from Germany – Berlinale Main Theatre
AFRONAUTS (Afronauts) – Directed by Frances Bodomo, USA, 14 min, 2014  
LA ISLA ESTÁ ENCANTADA CON USTEDES (The Island is delighted with you) – Directed by Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt, USA/Switzerland/Australia, 28 min, 2014  
KWAK U ANANSE (Kwak U Ananse) – Directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana/Mexico/USA, 26 min, 2013  
TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY – Directed by Matt Porterfield, USA/Germany, 32 min, 2015  
DIE RUHE BLEIBT (Remain Quiet) – Directed by Stefan Kriekhaus, Germany, 15 min, 2013  
12: 15 pm – 1 : 45 pm Documentary from Germany – Berlinale Main Theatre
AM KÖLNBERG ( At Kölnberg), Documentary – Directed by Robin Humbolt and Kaurentia Genske, Germany, 89 min, 2015  
2 : 30  pm  – 4 pm Master Class by Simone Mariani New CRT
4 : 30 pm – 5 pm Concert by Sanjay Kansa Banik (Tabla) Main Theatre
5 : 20 pm – 6 :10 pm Documentary from RIFF (Rome International Film Festival), Italy Main Theatre
IN VIAGGIO CON LA TABLA (A journey on the table), Documentary – Directed by Simone Mariani, with Sanjay Kansa Banik, Italy, 50 min, 2015
 6 : 15 pm –  6 : 30 pm Interaction/panel discussion with Director & Protagonist : Simone Mariani & Sanjay Bansik Main Theatre
7 pm –  8 : 50 pm Long Feature from Germany – Berlinale Main Theatre
 – Directed by Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany, 107 min, 2014  

**Subject to change 

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We’re happy to announce the list of films for the film festival. Please read below.


Long feature film




Directed by Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany, 107 min., 2014


Maria has been raised in a strict Catholic family. In order to become a saint, the 14-year-old girl goes through the Stations of the Cross, just as Jesus did.

Director’s Biography

Dietrich Brüggemann

Dietrich Brüggemann, who was born in Munich in 1976, studied directing at the Film University Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam between 2000 and 2006. After making several short films, his feature film “Neun Szenen” was screened at the 2006 Berlinale and at many festivals in Germany and abroad. It won many awards, including the Best Feature Film award at the Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Awards. “Run if you Can” opened the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” section of the Berlinale in 2010. It was also shown at around 30 festivals worldwide and won numerous jury and audience awards. As with his first two films, he developed the screenplay for “Move” together with his sister, Anna Brüggemann. STATIONS OF THE CROSS is their forth collaboration. In addition, Dietrich Brüggemann shoots numerous music videos, including for Thees Uhlmann and Judith Holofernes and accompanies silent films on the piano.


2011 Move (3 Zimmer/Küche/Bad)
2010 Run if you Can (Renn, wenn Du kannst)
2006 Neun Szenen
2003 Warum läuft Herr V. Amok?
2001 Heavy Rotation (short film)

Watch the trailer here 


Short Films (fiction)




Directed by Frances Bodomo, USA, 14 Min., 2014


Inspired by true events, AFRONAUTS tells an alternative history of the 1960s Space Race. It‘s the night of July 16th 1969 and, as America prepares to send Apollo 11 to the moon, a group of exiles in the Zambian desert are rushing to launch their rocket first.

Director’s Biography

Frances Bodomo

Frances Bodomo was born on February 9, 1988 in Accra, Ghana. She is an assistant director and director, known for Boneshaker (2013), Afronauts (2014) and Collective: Unconscious (2016).

Bodomo’s first short, Boneshaker, made the festival rounds in 2013. It tells the tale of an Ghanaian family in the American South looking to a Louisiana church to “cure” their problem child. “In Ghana’s evangelical community, if something is wrong with you, they take you to church and pray to get rid of the evil spirit,” Bodomo explains. “I wanted to explore [in Boneshaker] what it is like to be a migrant — trying to hold onto this dream of Africa that has been lost.” Her following short, Afronauts — which she’s now turning into a feature — is an even bolder success, a hallucinatory fusion of history, science, political critique, and imaginative fantasy. Inspired by a true story, it’s about the short-lived Zambia space program, that African country’s real attempt to beat the U.S. into outer space. On the eve of the Apollo 11 launch, a young albino girl — played by model Diandra Forrest — trains for her moon shot, aware that she may be sacrificing herself to sustain family pride and a national dream.

(Source: imdb.com)

Watch the trailer here




Directed by Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt, USA/Switzerland/Australia, 28 Min., 2014


The filmmakers of LA ISLA ESTA ENCANTADA CON USTEDES have created a lyrical work that mirrors and expands on dynamics of power and lust. A modern roundelay that restages the past in the present. Led by a gaze of sexual innuendo, this is a comedy in which reality is subordinate to strategies of power.

Alexander Carver

Alexander Carver is a director and writer, known for Die Insel ist Verzaubert von Euch (2015), The Unity of All Things (2013) and Four Americans (2016).

(Source: imdb.com)

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt is a director and writer, known for A History of Mutual Respect (2010), Palácios de Pena (2011) and The Unity of All Things (2013).

(Source: imdb.com)

Watch the trailer here




Directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana / Mexico /USA, 26 Min., 2013 


Nyan Koronhwea returns to her father Kwaku Ananse’s native Ghana for his funeral. They lost contact long ago. But she is not entirely resentful of her father’s double life with one family in Ghana and another in the United States. Overwhelmed by the funeral, she retreats into the spirit world in search of Kwaku Ananse.

Director’s Biography 

Akosua Adoma Owusu

Akosua Adoma Owusu (born January 1, 1984) is a Ghanaian-American avant-garde filmmaker and producer whose films have screened worldwide in prestigious film festivals, museums, galleries, universities and microcinemas since 2005. Her work addresses the collision of identities, where the African immigrant located in the United States has a “triple consciousness.” Owusu interprets Du Bois’ notion of double consciousness and creates a third identity or consciousness, representing the diverse consciousness of women and African immigrants interacting in African, white American, and black American culture.

Named by Indiewire as one of the 6 Avant-Garde Female Filmmakers Who Redefined Cinema, and one of The Huffington Post’s Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know, Akosua Adoma Owusu is a MacDowell Colony Fellow and a Guggenheim Fellow. Founded in 2007, her company, Obibini Pictures, LLC has produced award-winning films including Reluctantly Queer and Kwaku Ananse, which received the 2013 African Movie Academy Award for Best Short Film. Reluctantly Queer was nominated for the Golden Bear and Teddy Award at the Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival in 2016.

In 2010, Owusu was a featured artist at the 56th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. Artforum listed Me Broni Ba as one of 2010’s top ten films. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Fowler Museum, Yale University Film Study Center, and Indiana University Bloomington, home of the Black Film Center/Archive. She’s received support from Creative Capital, Tribeca All Access, IFP, Focus Features Africa First, the Art Matters Foundation, the Camargo Foundation and the Berlinale World Cinema Fund.

Owusu holds MFA degrees in Film & Video and Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts and received her BA in Media Studies and Studio Art with distinction from the University of Virginia, where she studied under the mentorship of prolific avant-garde filmmaker, Kevin Jerome Everson.

(Source: imdb.com)

Watch the trailer here





Directed by Matt Porterfield, USA / Germany, 32 Min., 2015


Lilly drifts between worlds and places. Looking for people and connections but remaining in the external. During rehearsals with the performance group Gob Squad, her thoughts and wishes thrive: words become actions. Back at the apartment, a letter from her home awaits her…

Director’s Biography

Matt Porterfield

Matt Porterfield is the writer-director of three acclaimed feature films, Hamilton (2006), Putty Hill (2011) and I Used To Be Darker (2013). His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and has screened at Centre Pompidou, Walker Art Center, the Whitney Biennial, and film festivals such as Sundance, the Berlinale, and SxSW. Matt made his first narrative short, Take What You Can Carry, in Berlin this past summer with a grant from the Harvard Film Study Center. His new screenplay, set in southeast Baltimore, has received fiscal support from Creative Capital and the French Ministry of Culture’s Centre National du Cinema. Since 2007, he has been teaching film production and theory at Johns Hopkins University.

(Source: imdb.com) 

Watch a clip here




Directed by Stefan Kriekhaus, Germany, 15 Min. 2013


An afternoon at the edge of a large film set somewhere out in the sticks in rural France, a trainee takes up his position. He is responsible for blocking off the street while filming is in process and reopening it to traffic as soon as the take is over. His only connection to the set is via walkie talkie. He begins to get bored. Time passes slowly and we wait with him, merely observing the afternoon – without a single cut or a comma.

Stefan Kriekhaus

Stefan Kriekhaus is an assistant director and writer, known for Die Ruhe bleibt (2013), Klassenfahrt (2002) and Lucy (2006).

(Source: imdb.com)





Directed by Robin Humbolt & Kaurentia Genske, 89 Min., 2015


The tower block area “Am Kölnberg” has a bad reputation. People who – for any number of reasons – ended up on the edge of society, live here alongside refugee families and immigrants from all over the world. Unemployment, drug abuse and prostitution are part of everyday life for many of them. They all dream of leading a fulfilled life, far away from “Am Kölnberg”.

Director’s Biography 

Laurentia Genske

Laurentia Genske was born in Cologne in 1989. She has been at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 2010, with an exchange year studying documentary film at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba (EICTV) between 2012 and 2013.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Watch the trailer here


Guest of honour: Mr. André Ceuterick, Executive Officer of the ‘Festival du Film d’Amour de Mons’ (aka FIFA)

Long Feature Film




Directed by Savina Dellicour, Belgium, 84 Min., 2014 


Paul is forty-three, he’s an amateur detective. Dorothy is sixteen and in the middle of an identity crisis, on the trail of a secret her mother is hiding ferociously. Dorothy is upper class. Paul is an outsider to Brussels’ small well-to-do community. The only thing that links them is Paul’s knowledge that he is Dorothy’s biological father. Over time, this has grown into a one-way relationship with Paul spying on Dorothy as she grew up. Dorothy knows of Paul’s detective skills and wants to use him to find her father. 

Director’s Biography

Savina Dellicour

Graduated from the National Film and Television School in London after completing an MA in Fiction Directing and Screenwriting in Belgium. Her NFTS graduation film Ready (2002) was nominated for Best Foreign Film at both the Student Oscars and the TCM Awards. Savina Dellicour ‘s follow up short Strange Little Girls (2004) was funded by Film Four and the UK Film Council. It won the Venice Award at the Singapore Short Film Festival and has been sold for distribution to several countries across the world. She made her feature-lenght debut with All Cats Are Grey (2014) for which she received nine nominations at the 6th Margritte Awards. All Cats Are Grey also screened as a special presentation during the 2015 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where it eventually won the Best International Film Award.

Watch the trailer here

 Short Films




Directed by Grégory Lecocq, Belgium, 23 Min., 2015 


Manu, 20 years old, escapes from the mental hospital where he is recovering. Since then he has only one idea in mind: to resume the graffitis of which he has a vital need. But, Manu soon learns that the prisons have neither doors nor bars.

Director’s Biography

Gregory Lecocq

Gregory Lecocq studied screenwriting at the Université libre de Bruxelles and immediately started partaking in contests when he graduated. He won a couple of them in Belgium and in 2006 he eventually won the Nisi Masa screenwriting competition with Haragas. This victory made him known to the European short film public and he produced the film two years later. Haragas thus (2008) became his first short film and was selected for the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. After that followed Premier Pas (2012), which he also wrote and directed, and Albertine (2014), a short film by Alexis Van Stratum for whom Lecocq wrote the screenplay. In 2015 he produced Ineffaçable, which won the Best Narrative Short Award at the Short of the Year film festival in Spain.

Watch the trailer here

  1. L’OMBRE D’UN AUTRE (Someone else’s shadow)


L’OMBRE D’UN AUTRE (Someone else’s shadow)

Directed by Léo Médard, Belgium, 28 Min., 2015


Beatrice and Philippe, a forty-year old couple are preparing to go to bed when Beatrice notices the mysterious and sudden disappearance of her husband. After a frightening night looking for him she discovers the next day that Philippe is home. Just as if nothing happened… except for some details: what if Philippe wasn’t the same man anymore?

Director’s Biography

Léo Médard

Léo Médard was born in France in 1985 and directed two short films in 2005 and 2006 before he even entered the INSAS in Brussels. There he received his master’s degree in film in 2012, but while still studying he directed one short documentary and two more fictional short films. These two shorts competed in almost 50 festivals both national and international, and after these initial successes his senior thesis film was subsequently distributed by Arte in France and Germany and by RTBF in Belgium. As a graduate he mainly worked as an assistant director in film, television and advertisement, but he kept working on his own projects at the same time. He shot L’Ombre d’Un Autre in 2015 with the help of the Centre for Cinema and Visual Arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation while another documentary project, Timo, was in postproduction.





Directed by Jean-Christophe Yu, Belgium, 110 Min., 2015


In this long documentary Jean-Christophe Yu traces his uncommon ancestry: the arrival of his grandfather Yu Bin from China to Belgium during the industrial boom of the 1920s and then his return to the hope of a new China. His son Georges Yu remained in Europe to become a director and actor. Migrant chronicles against a backdrop of ideological conflict on both sides.

Director’s Biography

Jean Christophe Yu

Jean-Christophe Yu was born and bred in Liège, Belgium. He was also the son of the late Georges Yu, a locally well know television and film director. He became a director just like his father and growing up in Liège he got involved in the particular realist tradition of filmmaking that issued there from the economic depression in the 1970’s. The Dardenne brothers are probably the most famous representatives of this trend, and just like they do Jean-Christophe focuses on the working class life in Belgium in an intensly naturalistic way. Most of his films are thus historical and socially involved documentaries and some of his works include: La Grève (1991) about the general strike in 1961, Eboueurs (1999) about the dustmen in Liège and Sommeville (2009) about the artist cum man of the people, Georges Somme. His latest film, Sur La Piste de Yu Bin (2015), is the story of his Chinese grandfather who immigrated to Belgium but also touches upon the Chinese history of the previous century and immigration in Belgium.

Watch a clip here


 RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival)

Guests of honour: Simone Mariani, Director of the documentary “A journey on the table” and Sanjay Kansa Banik, the tabla player on whose life the film is based




Directors: Matteo Alemanno & Francesco Rossi, 70 Min., 2014


Directed by Matteo Alemanno & Francesco Rossi

Italy, 2014, HD, B&W, 70’Documentary

Watch the trailer here


On the eve of the ‘68 protests, a young boy unable to accept the way the main power portrayed all its opponents, decided to become a photographer to put things in order. “Taking a beautiful picture is an act of faith”. Tano D’Amico started a new path which led him at the fore front during the social riots in the ‘70: the rise of new movements, “a generation on the threshold of history, that for the first time entered the history”, the hopes, the illusions, the betrayals. Tano didn’t want to forget, this is the reason why today keeps on taking photos of workers, homeless, migrants, the lasts and people taking the streets.

Directors’ Biography

Matteo Alemanno is a filmmaker who, in the last years, has produced different reports on different issues, such as sustainability, the right to housing and to work.

Francesco Rossi is the author of the radio program “Il Minestrone”, broadcasted on Radio Città Aperta.

Short Films




Directed by Paolo Strippoli, Italy,14 Min., 2014


After the funeral of a young man, Pietro and Adriano, two gravediggers, discuss among themselves, inquiring about the boy’s death. In a small town in the South of Italy, a circle of comments spreads about the tragic death of Claudio and offers a sharp vision about an issue of our time.

 Director’s Biography 

Paolo Strippoli was born on 04/02/1993 in Corato, Italy, where he attended high school. His love for cinema came out in early age: he studied film semiotics and started shooting short videos and advertisings when he was 16 years old. He shot his first short film in 2011, Conflitto, with Silvia D’Oria as co-director and co-producer. In June 2012, Conflitto was mentioned as ‘best cinematography short’ at Giffoni Film Festival in Italy, in “myGiffoni” category. In September 2012, he completed his second short film, In Un Mondo Violento. Now he lives in Rome where he studies cinema at “La Sapienza, University Of Rome”.

Watch the trailer here





Directed by: Lorenzo Ferrante, Matteo Ricca, Italy, 15 Min., 2015 


A serious accident hits a family: the oldest son gets locked into a vegetative state for years. Mauro, the youngest son, is a reserved boy. He refuses the condition of his brother. The relationship with his parents is troubled. Mauro, exhausted, secretly decides to embark on a journey with his brother- a journey to find each other.

Directors’ Biography

Lorenzo Ferrante enrolled in Albe Steiner multimedia school (in Milan), specializing in cinema and television direction. He moved to Rome, where he started working on different movie sets as assistant director, assistant camera operator, data manager and focus puller. “Nel Silenzio” (In The Silence) is his last short.

Matteo Ricca graduated in Italian Literature at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. In 2009 he graduated in Direction of Photography at Cineway. In 2010 he attended a course of Direction at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His beginning in direction happens with the video “La Città nell’Uomo”.


  1. IN VIAGGIO CON LA TABLA (A journey on the table)



Directed by Simone Mariani, Italy, 50’, HD, 2015 a documentary by SIMONE MARIANI


Watch the trailer here


This documentary takes you on a fascinating journey through Italy and India to discover and explore the passionate spirit of Indian Master, Sanjay Kansa Banik. The incredible talent and versatility of this world- renowned musician, best known for his skills and knowledge of the Tabla-the most classic of all Indian percussion instruments – developed over the years of collaboration with musicians of all genres and from all over the world. The film tells the story of Sanjay and how: his deep understanding of music and his extraordinary skills together with his artistic maturity have contributed to spreading Indian culture and music in the world.

Director’s Biography

Simone Mariani, born in Rome, has practiced Judo racing, then turning his interest in dance by studying in Italy and New York. In 1992, following his spirit of research on techniques of expression furthers his education with drama studies in Italy and abroad with Nicolaj Karpov, Ingmar Lindh, John Crawter, Dominique De Fazio, Greta Seacat, Susan Batson, Michael Margotta, attends direction courses with Leonid Alekseychuk and Alessandro Riva.

Join body awareness seminars in Italy and abroad (Eutonia, Feldenkrais, Alexander Tecnique, Yoga and Tai Chi). In 1996 he began professional career as an actor in several production of film, theater and television. Continue to follow a path training in techniques for body expression with Jack Painter, achieving the Master of “Postural Integration and Energetic Integration “at the Center for Release and Integration, in Mill Valley (CA).

Founder in 2005 of the Cultural Association AXV, of which he is President and Artistic Director promotes art and well-being, creating events and shows, theatrical and audiovisual productions. In 2005, as author and interpreter, produces the short film “The Bicycle”, winner of sevral prize. Realized as author, performer and producer three other short films, with the contribution of IMAIE, involving the implementation of its work and artists national and international collaborators.

In 2006/07 he spent a few months in Seoul where he practices Zen-Dance (Meditation in movement) with Sun ock Lee, and Sonmudo (martial art) practiced by Zen monks in the temple of Golgulsa Korea, where he took the inspiration for the short movie “L’Artista” first short as director. His numerous collaborations in various cultural events, including the Project Integra del Comune di Roma creating a laboratory and Entertainment Theater “Miraggi” with victims of torture and political refugees.

Since 2002 co-artistic director of the Project for the Promotion Nebrodi Theater Workshop Hamlet Opera John Boncoddo, ensuring the movement of the stage play “Hamlet” and other theatrical productions. He has also guided courses and seminars for the development of language stage at: Kenya National Theater (Nairobi) Study Francesco Vinci (Palermo) The island of Theater (Portoferraio) Gymnos Association (Rome) Free Academy of Arts (Salvo Randone) Hamlet Opera Workshop, Montalbano Elicona (ME) Teatro Patologico directed by Dario D’Ambrosi Integrated laboratory of boys with mental handicap (Rome).

He practice Riding, Swimming, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Yoga.

Native Italian, fluent English, with good knowledge of Spanish.


Guest of honour: tba

Long Feature Film




Directed by Lionel Baier, Switzerland, France, 75 Min., 2015


David Miller wants to put an end to his life. This ill, elderly architect leaves nothing to chance and turns to an assisted-suicide organization. But Espe, the woman who is supposed to accompany him to his final exit, does not seem that familiar with the procedures, and David tries everything he can to persuade Tréplev, the Russian gigolo in the next room, to bear witness to his final breath.

www.pardolive.ch © Festival del film Locarno

Director’s Biography

Lionel Baier:

Born in 1975 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Worked as co-manager and programmer at the Rex cinema in Aubonne. 1995-98 Studies Arts at the University of Lausanne. Since 1996 assistant director for various films and commercials. Since 2002 Head of Cinema department at the ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). 2009 Cofounds Bande à part Films.


 Watch the trailer here

Short Films




Directed by Marcus Lindeen, Sweden, 14 Min., 2015


In 1980 American jazz pianist Kazzrie Jaxen watches Ingmar Bergman’s From the Life of the Marionettes. Afterwards she writes him a sixteen-page letter explaining how the film changed her life. It had started a dramatic inner journey which made her understand that she is not alone in her own body. Dear Director is based on a real fan letter written to Bergman that Swedish director Marcus Lindeen found while doing research on unfinished Bergman scripts for a play.

www.pardolive.ch © Festival del film Locarno

Director’s Biography 

Marcus Lindeen

Marcus Lindeen is an artist, writer and director. He studied directing at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm and made his debut with Regretters, both a theater play and a documentary film about two Swedish men who change their sex twice. The play was translated into several languages and the film went on to win numerous awards. Among them the prestigious Prix Europa for best European documentary in Berlin in 2010. Regretters also picked up both the Swedish Academy Award (Guldbagge) and Kristallen (Swedish Emmy) for best documentary film in 2011. Besides touring a ton of festivals, the film was also screened at MoMA in New York and The National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow.

Marcus Lindeen is currently both writing a new play on commission from The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm and working on his next documentary feature film. Both projects are due to premiere in 2017. His short film Dear Director premiered in competition at The Locarno Film Festival in 2015. 

  1. D’OMBRES ET D’AILES – (Of Shadows and Wings)


D’OMBRES ET D’AILES – (Of Shadows and Wings)
Directed by Eleonora Marinoni and Elice Meng, Switzerland, France, 13 Mins., 2015


Amid a population of ”birdmen“, Moann is shamed when her wings disappear and a strange cracking sets in beneath her feet. In a society where all that matters is the size of one’s wings and ambition, Ciobeck, the nihilist, would like to protect her. But how can they survive in a barren land, pervaded by ”caved in“ spirits?

www.pardolive.ch © Festival del film Locarno

Directors’ Biographies: 

Eleonora Marinoni

Born in 1985 in Switzerland. Joint Swiss and Italian citizenship. 2008 Receives degree in Fine Arts from Beaux Arts in Urbino. 2008-10 Receives degree in 2D animation from LISAA (L’L’institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués) Paris. Worked as graphic designer and animator between Paris and Milan.


Elice Meng

Born in 1975 in France. French citizenship. Studied literature, worked in publishing, with local press, as book critic and in cultural mediation. Worked with artists and poets on performances and books.


Watch the trailer here


  1. Fragments du Paradis – (About Heaven)



Directed by Stéphane Goël, Switzerland, 85 Mins., 2015 


If Switzerland is sometimes seen as a heaven on earth, the question that follows is: do its inhabitants believe in heaven? Agnostics, atheists and believers all feel the need for a narrative when facing death. Fragments du paradis offers a voice to these people in their twilight years, who tell us about how they see that paradoxical place, the afterlife.

www.pardolive.ch © Festival del film Locarno

Director’s Biography:

Stéphane Goël

Born in 1965 in Lausanne. Since 1985 works as independent film editor and director. Since 1985 member of Climage. 1987-93 Lives and works in New York.


As director:

 Watch the trailer here


Lisabon & Estoril Film Festival, Portugal


auwakxezDirected by: Rita Azevedo Gomes, 100 min. / Fiction / Digital / Color

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Roberto is one of those men to whom the simulation has become the greatest art. A dandy! some will say. A libertine! others will tell. Anyway, he is unmoved, inscrutable… and such a mysterious man! But the truth is that Robert feels an intimate deep tedium. The boredom of those who have already exhausted all the pleasures of life. The only thing still surprising him is the fact that nothing surprises him anymore. One evening he has an overwhelming encounter with a woman. She reveals her unappeasable past, intact, displaying her crime and crying for its public scandal. Between that past and the present, phantom objects, beings, places, the dreamy truth is prolonged and a blanket of silence falls upon the soul of Robert forever sealed…

(Free adaptation of the homonymous tale, in “Les Diaboliques” by Barbey d’Aurevilly 1874)

Director’s Biography and Filmography

Born in Lisbon, in 1952, Rita Azevedo Gomes followed a varied path in the visual arts field. She started by studying Fine Arts only slowly getting involved in filmmaking. Having developed many projects in theatre, plastic arts and film, she also presented graphic work for the Cinemateca in Lisbon and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation receiving great recognition. After her debut film “O Som da Terra a Tremer”, in 1990, Rita wrote and directed several short and feature films internationally acclaimed by film festivals from around the globe. Rita currently works at the Cinemateca Portuguesa as a programmer and is also in charge of exhibitions.


1990 | The Sound of The Earth Shaking, 93 min. / Fiction / 35mm / Color

1996 | Cinema Goes to The Theatre, 26 min. / Documentary / Video / Color

1998 | Intromissions, Congratulations Manoel de Oliveira (homage to Manoel de Oliveira for his 90th Birthday)

55 min. / Documentary / Video / Color, 1999 | King Arthur (for the staging of the eponymous opera by Henry Purcell), 30 min. / Fiction / Digital / Color

2001 | Fragile As The World, 91 min. / Fiction / 35mm / Color and B&W

2003 | Altar, 72 min. / Fiction / Digital / Color

2005 | The Conquest of Faro, 33 min. / Fiction / 35mm / Color

2006 | The 15th Stone: Manoel de Oliveira and João Bénard da Costa in Conversation, 117 min. / Documentary / Digital / Color

2009 | The Invisible Collection, 56 min. / Fiction / Digital / Color

2011 | A Woman’s Revenge, 100 min. / Fiction / Digital / Color

2016 | Correspondences, 145 min. / Documentary / Digital / Color


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