Global Citizenship through access to contemporary culture, dialogue and social entrepreneurship.

Global Citizenship is about educating each individual on this planet to take a universal view about sustainable development and hence take actions in this regard.

This is a challenging pathway and open to criticism as the perspectives differ greatly across geographies, societies and people in different stages of development. But fundamentally the dialogue is about development and in way about creating a world which is less inequitable with regards to access to opportunity and resources.

Our interpretation of Global Citizenship is that it is important to build dialogue and enable cross cultural interactions which allows leadership to emerge at all levels with a stronger and a more authentic sense of history, systems and understanding of each others situation and build consensus and practical pathways to bring about small but perceptible changes.

Our initiatives in the journey to provide access to contemporary culture and thoughts in areas which are marginalized and without any scope of such access drove us to build partnership at various levels including artists & curators from around the world and local institutions like NGO’s to start a dialogue in such spaces.

These efforts started to throw up the development needs in these areas apart from the voices from within the communities. Through this the next step is to find ways to address these gaps by providing the appropriate resources through processes which will bring about a change.

We specifically focus on quality education & gender equality to address this. Our tools are arts & culture, dialogues and building social entrepreneurship.

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Free online course on Global Citizenship

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MasterPeace Radio : Radio for Global Citizenship

We are in the process of starting an internet radio channel called MasterPeace Radio, which is aimed at brining news, information and special programming which seeks to bring contemporary culture to people who have no access to such and also to build awareness, skill, create employment linkages, addressing issues pertaining to gender, rights, children issues, etc. We will be leveraging our wide network in South Asia to reach to the grassroots through this multi lingual radio channel.

Art Residency Project and Development initiative in Chuikhim Village of Kalimpong, West Bengal

Chukhim is a remote hill hamlet in the district of Kalimpong, West Bengal. The village faces several problems in regards to access to basic facilities like health, education and livelihood. We have been trying to develop this village as a space for art residencies and festivals so as to catalyze its development and also bring in more interest in the various home stays in the village. It has also been our endeavor to develop the school in the village which is in decrepit condition. Towards this objective we have donated books for the children to be made accessible in the village school library.

The Coverage of the Initiative in The Telegraph Kolkata

We collaborated with Marcus Shahar, the Embassy of Israel in India, Chuikhim Village Welfare Society to organize an international art residency in Chuikim. The following is the video art outcome from this residency.

Child Friendly City

We collaborated with Tomorrows Foundation & UNICEF in working with the children living in the urban slums of 4 Kolkata Municipality Wards on a project called Child Friendly City. We conducted workshops with the tools of theatre, music and dance to emerge with performances where the children scripted and articulated their needs and vision of a Child Friendly City.

Specifically we approached the question of school dropouts within the community and the need for quality education , the state of girls and the challenges they face n accessing education, the need to look at career and the benefits of developing stronger partnership with local administration.

Youth Global Citizenship Program

We have for been working with the Life Project of Youth (LP4Y) conducting weekly classes at youth training centers run at 2 different places in Kolkata.So far we have worked with 70 youths in the age group of 17 yrs – 14 yrs.

We have used theare & storytelling techniques to open up the group to be more receptive towards understanding their presence, rights and responsibilities as citizens and how that translates into their relationship to entrepreneurship, climate and politics and nudge them to form response and practical models for them to transform their conditions and that of the society they live in.

This has added clarity to their perceptions about events and systems like the economy, politics and environment which was previously shrouded in doubts or incorrect information which greatly affected their personal and collective approaches. Of course, the intervention also invariably worked on their presence.

Rainbow Village : Equality through arts & dialogue in Chilika, Odisha

We have started a project in a remote island village on the Chilika Lakes. The objective is to break the caste barriers in the village, ensure the greater voice of the women in the community development, skilling the women and making the village an attractive tourist destination for livelihood and income generation

The initial phase included a workshop with the women where we emerged with their idea and concept of freedom.

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