The Complete Session

Here is the sound track for Ultracorpi Nomadic Identity : a project for performance art TV by francesca fini with culture monks. This is a project for live interaction across borders which is streamed real time of facebook live.

Pradip Chattopadhyay on the flute & voice with Varun Desai (electronic music). Recorded by Varun Desai at his Littlei studio in Kolkata.

The Sound Artists

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Pradip Chatterjee

Pradip Chaterjee (popularly known as Bulada) is a musician and a performer. His passion is the flute and percussions instruments. He loves to experiment and has been a part of several interdisciplinary experimental art projects including performance art & theatre. He also happens to be the founder member of the iconic Bengali rock band ´Mohiner Ghoraguli´. He is a civil engineer by training and has traveled & performed extensively around the world.

Varun Desai

Discovering electronic music in the mid-90s in India, Varun’s habit of compiling and manipulating sounds led to a DJ career under several aliases until he found the name Yidam, a concept synonymous with a meditative approach to music.

Gigging extensively in the US, he formed the chillUmafia DJ collective with DJ Damon from Poland in 2005. Later years were spent managing a record label (DBR) and organising events around the country. After experiencing Burning Man in 2008, Varun returned to his hometown, Kolkata.

Since then his sets and tracks have been heard in Nepal, Poland, Switzerland & Portugal. A background in computer engineering has also now led to a project 5volts which involves the use of analog synthesizers, digital sensors & interactive coding to create immersive audio-visual experiences.

Please visit his web page

About ULTRACORPI nomadic identity

A project for Performance Art TV
by Francesca Fini
With Giulio Bianchini and Pablita Loca
Live from the MAAM MUSEUM of Rome
Real-time music from Kolkata, by Varun Desai and Pradip Chattopadhyay, in collaboration with Culture Monks.


“Ultracorpi” (Ultra-bodies) is a performance on male and female identity, but also simply on the identity of the actor, as the bearer of a “repertoire of fives” that are not re-cited, as Carmelo Well would say – because to re-cite is to cite someone Other – but lived on their own skin. The performer is an ultra-body, a fluid, elusive identity, always nomadic and migrant.

The Ultracorpi performance, which will take place in the significant frame of the MAAM Museum, will utilize Facebook Live technology and live streaming in VR (Virtual Reality) thanks to a special 360° camcorder.

The audience will then observe the performance navigating in the real / virtual space in which it takes place, choosing a personal point of view, in a revolutionary reversal of the relationship between the spectator and the show. In addition, on the Facebook page of Performance Art TV, three different streams will be released simultaneously: a classic view of the medium field action, an interactive 360 ​​° view, and a special streaming from Kolkata, India, where two musicians will interact real-time with the performance.

In fact, this performance plays on the theme of identity on multiple levels of reading, creating a kind of virtual twinning, a space wormhole that will connect Rome and Kolkata, in collaboration with Culture Monks association.

In fact, artists Varun Desai and Pradip Chattopadhyay will watch the live VR performance with two Oculus headsets, and will play real-time music on the images they are watching, giving voice to the two performers. Music will be then retransmitted live at the venue where the performance takes place.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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