theatre adda ; park street sessions presents ´Red Alert´ – a performance by internationally renowned performance group – Alternative Living Theatre, which is the brainchild of the legendary thespian Prabir Guha.


The performance – Red Alert which bears the quintessential mark of  Prabir Guhaś performance philosophy is an investigation of the causes behind the uprising of the oppressed economic and social class against the state machinery and symbols of oppressions, which has in the past taken the form of movements like ´Naxalism´.

Performance: Red Alert
By: Alternative Living Theatre
Directed by Shubhodip Guha

Date : November 28, 2017

Time : 7 pm – 8 : 30 pm

Place ; Alliance francaise du Bengale,Park Mansions, Park Street, Kolkata

Entry is free.

Donation of Rs. 50 is requested. The donation will be paid to the artists.

To make a donation please use this link or you can also pay at the venue before the show

About the Director of the play –  Subhadeep Guha

With a background of artistic and cultural atmosphere in the family and with a long time association with the internationally famous group Alternative Living Theatre, he started his acting career when he was only 3 and ½ years of age.

For more than 10 years he is researching upon the use of EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC in Theatre, along with its role and importance in penetrating the mind and brains of the spectators.The main focus of his work is how to heighten music to the level where it becomes a lead character itself and not only a background element . Has been awarded a fellowship from the ministry of culture to research on Ambience & Spirituality in folk & traditional music.

He has performed over 1200 shows as a Musician and Music Director and had composed music for different Theatre groups like NANDIKAR, RANGAKARMEE, B.N.A, THEATRE WORKSHOP, TRITIYO SUTRA, EBONG AMRA, MANABIK, THEATRE PLATFORM, NATYAMUKH and several other groups including his mother group ALTERNATIVE LIVING THEATRE. He has also worked as a Television Anchor and Music Composer for three Bengali television channels. Along with, he has also composed music for some Documentary Films on the ADIVASIS in BENGAL and one upon MOTHER TERESSA.

Including to his curriculum comes the several workshops that he has conducted upon the role of Music in Theatre & The Alternative Psychological approach to Theatre with various groups in WEST BENGAL, INDIA, BANGLADESH AND NEPAL.He has been directing plays with his group for the last 4 years and has directed 3 plays with great success, Namely Krishnokoli, Long March & Red Alert, which is being regularly performed by the group and is visiting national festivals regularly.

About Alternative Living Theatre

Alternative Living Theatre is one of the prominent theatre group in the country based in Kolkata. Since it’s inception in 1977 the group has been performing in major festivals all over India. The group members represent an amalgam of diverse social-economical groups of our society including the youth from lower strata and impoverished lower middle-class families. Thus the theater presented by ALT is shaped by struggle and sufferings of common man especially the downtrodden people of present day urban society. Through their plays the group has consistently attacked communalism, and political apathy while attempting to build up new ideals and sow the seeds of change in human minds.
About Probir Guha

PROBIR GUHA (B. 1947) (Director) :

A noted Playwright/Director has been acting and directing since 1965, particularly in agitprop and non-proscenium theatre. He formed the Living Theatre, Khardaha, an industrial suburb, 19 km from Kolkata, in 1977. The Group went on performing plays, mostly written and directed by him, in intimate environment spaces, often picking up local and regional themes and issues, and experiences for immediate presentation and critical analysis.

While trying to improvise production/performance methods to communicate with rural-urban audiences. He later went on to form the Alternative Living theatre in 1991 at Madhyamgram and established it’s own working space-AAKHRA. He has had working experiences with some major directors of the world like Jerzy Grotowski in Poland, Eugenio Barba in the former west Germany, Peter Brook in France, J.B Hatch, Anna Hallprin, Roger Simon, Richard Schchner, and Peter Schuman in United States, Toshi Tsitchuteri in France and India, John Martin from England. He has conducted many workshops in most of the major cities in country and also in Bangladesh,Pakistan, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany.Polland,Nepal,Holand, France.Denmark.Sweden and in several places of West Bengal. He is also visiting faculty in many theatre Institutions and Universites in India and abroad. In 2005 he was felicitated by Anya Theatre,Kolkata ( Dir: Bibhas Chakraborty ) for his life time achievement and in 2006 felicitated by Theatre Workshop.Kolkata, ( Dir: Ashoke Mukherjee). In 2008 he has been awarded Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for direction by Honble President of India.

About theatre adda : park street sessions

theatre adda – park street sessions is jointly organized and curated by Alliance francaise du Bengale & Culture Monks since 2015. The monthly sessions provides a platform for experimental and traditional acts of theatre & performance to be staged apart from facilitating discussions on various aspects of aesthetics and philosophy of performance.

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