We gather to share stories of the inanimate – to give voice to the voiceless other – inanimate objects which are so much a part of our lives, an extension of ourselves, reflecting what we are, what we want to be. They speaks to us, we  talk back – silently . They manipulates us in many ways we don´t perhaps realize. Who belongs to whom – who owns the inanimate, controls it ; or are we now become the other ?

The inanimate has its story, only in ways we tell them.

The November session of storytelling will be held at Cafe Toto on November 29, 2017, from 5 pm – 8 pm.

We look forward to your stories.

The guidelines are as follows

Stories can be in any languages. However the performance of the storytelling act should help to connect with everyone present, beyond the limitation of language comprehension. If stories are in languages other than English, Bengali or Hindi, a brief summary of the story could be articulated before or after the act.

Duration of story : 5- 10 minutes.

One story per participant.

What will you get :

The chance to share your story and get reviews & feedback from the peers and audience.

E- Certificates of participation which you could print out.

We will offer partial scholarship 3 selected participants to be part of our upcoming workshops.

Video documentation of the session.

Participation Fee :

There is a nominal fee of Rs. 200 which includes a French snack and coffee/tea.

You can make your donation to register for the event through this link.

The amount will be refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

How to participate :

To participate, please write to sudipta@culturemonks.in, with the name, language, duration of your story.

or call 8697919308/ 9830260233

About Cafe Toto

Café Toto, known for its exotic desserts and European cuisine, functions as a ‘Restaurants-School’, where young adults from difficult, underprivileged backgrounds are trained to become entrepreneurs. The venture is the result of the combined efforts of NGO Tomorrow’s Foundation and the French NGO Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) accompanied by assistance from the French Consulate in Kolkata.

This program is supported by iris Home fragrance.

Iris Home fragrance products are available at all Spencers/ Pantaloons Outlets.



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