Session 1 – Oct 9, 2015

Inaugural Session – 9th October, 2015


We started off Theatre Adda on October 9th, with 2 intimate plays – Sahodara and Dwoirath.

SahodaraSahodara (2 sisters)

Written by: Tista & Ritodeep
Direction: Ritodeep
Cast : Tista & Shree
Produced by: Alindo
Duration: 17 mins
Language: Bengali

Summary: Sahordara is a play which explores the existential issues of the LGBT community.

dwarithoDwoirath (The Duel)

Written by: Badal Sarkar
Direction and production: Prosthan
Cast: Rito Deep & Bibhas Mukherjee
Duration: 45 mins
Language: Bengali

Summary: “Power itself creates and causes to emerge new objects of
knowledge and accumulates new bodies of information. … The exercise of power perpetually creates knowledge and, conversely, knowledge constantly induces effects of power. … It is not possible for power to
be exercised without knowledge, it is impossible for knowledge not to engender power” – Michel Foucault.

The play dwells into the eternal relationship, which is also – a duel, between the ruler and its source of sustenance -the ruled.
Propaganda – a cocktail of doubtable knowledge and blatant lies, is the most potent weapon in the hands of the ruler, seamlessly flowing though society and its institutions. This relationship constantly manifests itself in social relationships – father/child, teacher/student, or may be sometimes through well meaning friendly advise.

Sometimes, the ruler is dislodged from power through a process of social transformation- maybe with hope for an other world. One may call it a revolution, it may also be called patricide. New knowledge and relationships emerge and the duel sustains.

Witness Dwoirath (The Duel).


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