Italian Embassy Cultural Center, New Delhi & Culture Monks, in association with Cube Culture & Littlei, are delighted to present a workshop on live media performance by Francesca Fini from Italy. This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to pick up knowledge and skills of performance, video art, sound art, film making from a leading performance art practitioner from Italy.

Venue : Cube Culture, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake

Date : Feb 9, 2017 | Time : 2 pm – 6 pm

To register please call 8697919308 or email

live  media performance art lab
by Francesca Fini

A live media performance is a work in which the performer interacts with a multi-sensory architecture through the use of interaction design devices (sensors, motion-capture devices, computer vision cameras) capable of transforming the biometric and cinematic data arriving from the body into live visualization and generative sound experience. The aim is to produce a software-based “dramaturgy” that conceptually reflects the contemporary experience of our “augmented”bodies connected with the Net and amplified by a device.

Visionary Actions aims to stimulate personal and professional creativity in manufacturing a live media performance based on the use of the body (which is the starting and ending point of any live art project) in relation to interaction design devices, video, sound, lo-fi technology and live cinema philosophy.

Whatever is the preparation, the background and objectives of the participants, the visual and sensory strength that comes from the synergy between physical action and live media is so disruptive in contemporary theater that can be understood by all. The workshop will begin with the simplest levels in the preparation of a live media performance, using affordable lo-fi devices available to everyone, to show the potential of this language and possibly encourage insights and personal explorations. The ideal participant is a creative person, curious, open to the new languages of contemporary art. During the workshop I will show examples of my live media work, then I will do a live demonstration and eventually I will produce a small performance with the collaboration of the participants.

topics covered

– introduction to live media performance art
– examples of the works by Francesca Fini
– introduction to lo-fi interaction-design devices (computer-vision, sensors, biometrics, software and hardware).
– Building a live media performance from scratch, starting from a basic concept toward cutting-edge aesthetics.
– introduction to producing footage, graphics and visuals for a live media interactive performance, using a regular cellphone.
– introduction to producing live sounds for a live media interactive performance.
– live media for dance, experimental live cinema and experimental theatre.

Francesca Fini is an interdisciplinary artist mainly focused on new media, experimental cinema and performance art. She lives and works in Rome. The focus of her work is always the body and its own narrative power, but inserted in a sort of exuberant “multimedia pot” where live video art pieces are mixed with generative audio, lo-fi technologies
and homemade interaction design devices, with handicraft masks, bizarre costumes and feminist steam-punk props popping out everywhere. Among the most important art events in which she participated in the last few years, we would mention the 2011 WRO Biennale in Poland, the River-to-River Festival in New York, the ADD Digital Art Festival in Rome, Laguna International Art Prize in Venice, the Venice International Performance Art Week, FILE Festival in Brasil, the Berlin Directors Lounge, Ikono Tv Festival and the Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival in Chicago.

In 2014 she was selected for the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology. She was also invited in Kolkata, where she lectured and performed at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute.

In 2014 she participated in the International Watermill Center Summer Program.
In 2015 she directed in Rome the first edition of HI> DANCE Festival, dedicated to contemporary dance and technology. In the same year she won the Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants and the Prize  Général du Puy-de-Dome during Videoformes Festival in Clermont-Ferrand. She is currently working on a new experimental feature film with the collaboration of Cinecittà Istituto Luce.


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