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Hey !!

Aren’t we glad to invite to  ‘An Evening of Stories’.

Its but an ordinary evening, like evenings are, as the sun sulks away  and the world slips into darkness and the the home becomes, once more a nest.  The world is little more unfettered, bathed in myriad strings of lights. Cafe lit up with laughter, bars drowned in a cacophony, lovers meet, children run down alleys, shops bustles with desire, the beggar lays down his plate, the singer tests the microphone, the drummer his pedals, the stray dog wanders…

The soul is a wanderer for stories though, and this evening, an ordinary evening is but An Evening of Stories’ –  stories from hidden places and times which have eluded us or which beckons. Stories – myriad, eclectic, cooked up, lived & shared, for us. 

For each evening is special & every life is an amazing story  !!

Here is a glimpse of what the evening has in store for us.


We go back, way back to myth with  Kavita Gupta & her story ‘Hanuman ki Ramayan’. A traditional tale in Hindi. Kavita works a lot with kids storytelling & what better way to keep a tradition alive, then to experience this rare performance once more.

Sreetama Bhattacharya, take us through the breathtaking terrains of Chottanagpur, to tell a story of a woman and her quest for survival and the process of negotiating her identity in her society.

Sreetama who lives in Jharkhand, loves the Hindi language and is on a (secret) mission to rescue it from its profane existence, must like her protagonist. 

Vidyapathy Chakroborty  will add a dash of ‘Bish’ (Poison)-  in Manbhumi (the language of erstwhile Manbhum district). His style is truly adorable his rustic dialect, theatricality an traditional singing. Vidyapati is a postgraduate in  performing arts and theatre .

Its the Aesop Fables once more with Debashree Mukherjee, specially adapted for the contemporary audience.

A real surprise is in store with Nandini Thakur singing a story in Hindi.

Sunny and Nandini, will introduce us to Nirmal Verma & perform his ‘ Dhoop ka ek Tukra’.

Sarvesh Agarwal , will be talking about his amazing journey through India on his motorbike.

This is the evening of The Observant Owl (Ritayan Mukherjee). He is a photographer who has journeyed deep into the mystical recesses of India, brings to us 3 photo stories. He will be accompanied by Pradip Chattopadhyay (flute and vocals).

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A story of the Gwalior Sheopur Kalan Passenger train, which runs on the longest remaining narrow gauge route in the world.

The story of the decaying heritage architecture of Kolkata – My City in Ruins. There are so many stories behind the architecture of Kolkata & here are a few of them.

Covenant of Boon and Bereavement : is a story of the folk Tamil traditions of ‘Aravani’ ( transgendered people who follow the cult of Aravan) & the 18 days festival which commemorates Aravan’s marriage.

 There will more stories as well by other storytellers and we wait for you to come forward & share your stories as well.
An Evening  of Stories is bought to you by  ‘Katha’koli‘ storytelling club, which is an initiative of  Culture Monks & supported by Alliance Francaise du Bengale.
This is part of the monthly creative sessions curated by us  at Alliance Francaise du Bengale, called Theatre Adda : The Park Street Sessions.
 The session will be moderated by Sudipta Dawn and storytellers will receive mentoring and feedback from Janardan Ghosh.

Venue : Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Park Manisons, Gate 3 , Park Street, Kolkata.
Date : May 20, 2016
Time : 7 pm onwards
Entry Free
For more details & if you wish to participate, please call +91 8697919308 or email

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