Made in ILVA by Instabili Vaganti India Tour

locandina ILVA A3 - IndiaMADE IN ILVA (The Contemporary Hermit) by Instabili Vaganti – India Tour

The Italian Cultural Institute – New Delhi & Mumbai & Culture Monks were delighted to bring to India, one of the finest contemporary experimental physical theatre groups – Instabili Vaganti They performed their masterpiece – MADE IN ILVA , at Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata & Pondicherry.

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About Made in ILVA (The Contemorary Hermit)

Made in ILVA (The Contemporary Hermit) is a masterpiece of physical theatre exploring the impact of the biggest steelworks in Europe on the environment and surrounding population.

Made in ILVA (The Contemporary Hermit) is an innovative example of “contemporary bio-mechanics”, an emotional and poetic exploration of the condition of alienation and oppression of a human body reduced to an artificial machine. The performance is a perfect combination of extreme physical actions, sounds that become obsessive rhythms, original music, vocals and video projections. From an original script based on real life testimonies and poems from the workers at the ILVA steel plant in Taranto, the scene for the steelworks scandal. ILVA of Taranto is the biggest steelworks in Europe. The company has been accused of its factory emitting 90% of the total dioxins released into the Italian air and of causing 180 workplace deaths, the disablement of 8,000 and in 20,000 further deaths from cancer and leukemia.

The performance is a perfect combination of extreme physical actions, sounds that become obsessive rhythms, original music, live voice and video projections. A critic to the impact of the factory on the environment expressed through the visual and physical theatre of this world touring ensemble.

Critical Acclaim

“A performance of rare perfection” Gazzette of Parma★★★★★

“An intense performance” The Flaneur★★★★★

“Nicola Pianzola puts his own body through the mill of an unrelentingly physical performance” The Herald ★★★★

“Intelligently assembled and put across with undeniable commitment” The Times ★★★★


Total Theatre Award Nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 | Award Cassino OFF Theatres of Life | 2014 Award Antonio Landieri Theatre Civil Commitment | 2013

Critics Award in Ermo Colle 2013 | Second prize at the 12th Theatre Festival of Resistance – | 2013 Deer Museum Prize Award section International | 16th International IIFUT Iranian Festival of University | Theatre of Tehran – Iran 2013 Entertainment | selected to STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival 2012.| Project of show winner announcement Kilowatt 2011 Selection Visionaries | Project of show winner OFF X 3 2010 Space OFF, Trento

Genre: Physical theatre – experimental theatre | Language: English | Duration: 55 min.| Playwright: Anna Dora Dorno |Director: Anna Dora Dorno |Cast: Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola |

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Hospitality Partners


Oberoi Kolkata

Venue Partners





Abhimanch Auditorium | National School of Drama | New Delhi | August 30, 2015 | 6.30 pm

ICCR Auditorum | Kolkata | September 11, 2015 | 7 pm

Jagriti Theatre | Whitefield, Bangalore | September 15, 2015 | 8 pm 

Adishakti | Pondicherry | September 19, 2015 | 7 pm

Media Coverage (Clippings & Links)

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Interview with Abhijit Ganguly (American Laboratory Theatre)

Audience Feedback

Prarthana Kalaskar Watched it at Adishakti! Very intense, powerful! The lines between performance and real life testimonies kept blurring all the time. What a wonderful way of remembering and reminding the world of its follies! A very appreciative audience and a good ovation. Vocals and music composition was very very good. Performance superlative!

Anuradha Venkataram – Made in Ilva- art should stimulate your sense, one must take back something with you and that is exactly what this physical theatre production did to me and all who were around in Jagriti. Kudos to Anna Dora Dorno and the company to bring images which had close association to all of us in different context- the universality of art in its true sense.

Thank you Arka Mukhopadhyay and The Arshinagar Project for introducing the Instabili Vagnati company to Bengaluru Audience. Hope you have a great show at Adishakti.

Made in Ilva has got to be one of the most intense performances I have witnessed. It is a fluid mix of jarring elements so well put together that words couldn’t do justice to how I felt after the show last evening. It plays again in Pondicherry over the weekend at Adishakti so those of you who are in that part of the world, please please go watch. For once, speechlessness will not feel out of place. I absolutely applaud the talented Arka Mukhopadhyay and his baby The Arshinagar Project for bringing this to Bangalore.
Sunanda Pati.

Ankhi PalThank you @instabilivagant @MADEINILVA @thearshinagar for a marvelous performance @JagritiTheatre today. Hope to see more, soon.


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