Culture Monks presents a workshop as a tribute to Badal Sircar.

The Shrunken room performances : designing theatre for daily (intimate) spaces

This is the second part of a series of 3 workshops aimed at applying the philosophy and methodology of Badal Sicrar in present conditions, in order to make theatre possible and effective in distilling & articulating the critical in daily spaces.

This workshop will equip the practitioner in learning practical ways to transform and transcend small (intimate) spaces and its inherent qualities through performances.

The workshop is open to 4 participants only. However others can join in as observers ad audience of the process.

Date is July 31, 2018 from 3 pm – 7 pm. The observer or audience can drop in at at any moment in course of the workshop.

If you’re interested to join the workshop kindly call +91 8697919308 or email

About Parnab Mukerjee

Parnab is a third theatre practitioner of over two decades who worked closely with Badal Sircar. He is a well respected dramaturge, curator and a teacher.

A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Mr Parnab Mukherjee is one of the leading alternative theatre directors of the Indian sub-continent.

A performance text writer and charismatic performer, he has diverse experience in non-proscenium, verbatim, site-specific and physical theatre.
This workshop is supported by Iris Home Fragrances.


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