ROGER JENKINS is a Singaporean who has been a professional storyteller since 1998. Winner of the Best Storyteller Award at the 16th Kanoon International Storytelling Festival in Iran, 2013, he is a popular performer/trainer in schools, libraries and at community events. He has performed throughout Asia as well as in Bahrain and at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is the founder of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival, Singapore’s first independent festival dedicated to showcasing Singaporean storytellers , which has since gone on to be a major success. Jenkins trained as a drama teacher and his theatre background is evident in his stories which incorporate masks, improvisation, puppets, magic and even sign language.

We had the pleasure of hosting Roger Jenkins in Kolkata last year. He conducted a series of workshops for parents & teachers which focused on the ways & means of storytelling as a toll of bonding with children. He also performed for children – stories which had a strong influence of south – east Asian traditions & broached ass well as contemporary issues  is  faced by children in urban context , for example dealing with inner familial conflicts, racism, violence, media, Internet & so on.

It was truly a wonderful experience. Weŕe expecting Roger to be be back in India early next year to continue with this storytelling project of reaching out more parents, teachers and children in India.

Sudipta Dawn (SD) in a dialogue with Roger Jenkins. More responses by Roger to interview questions are expected and hence this interview will be updated soon, so please do check later for them as well.

SD : How do you describe the form of your storytelling practice ?


SD : How can stories and the way they are told, make a difference in our lives?


SD : What are the challenges which storytelling as a practice faces  ?


Read more about Roger Jenkins by visiting this link :

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