antagonistics by sudipta dawn

chimera Days sedated, zombies flocking the streets - victims of nostalgia, led on by banners and glow signs into mirages to drink coke, pepsi, thumbs up, whisky, vodka, rum. The cityś a mindless kitsch, indulgent, delinquent, drunk. The effulgence rests on the ephemeral glitters, hiding all that is permanently deformed. The eyes don´t see, don´t … Continue reading antagonistics by sudipta dawn


The Decroux Way to A Promethean Actor

As a part of our Master's series , here we take a brief look at the ways of Étienne Decroux. Decroux's ways are a way of preparation of the actor rather than rehearsals. The importance of preparation has been well elucidated by Richard Schechner as he says that " Rehearsal is a way of setting … Continue reading The Decroux Way to A Promethean Actor