Theatre + the way you make me feel. Ep 1

Being tolerant is a duty - an ethical duty, a historical duty, a political duty but it does not demand that i lose my personality -  Paulo FreireA theatre project where the real time virtual space is the theatre.Addressing racial profiling and discrimination or even collective prosopagnosia in the wake of COVID- 19.Keeping the virtual … Continue reading Theatre + the way you make me feel. Ep 1


Michu Michu: a theatrical performance by Prasthan

In some time, we shall experience apartheid - this world will be inhabited by a few greedy, selfish, blind people. There will be no need to kill or silence dissent - for the state would have turned its citizens into voiceless and senseless guinea pigs - who will be there to listen or head to cries for freedom ? In the form known as Third Theatre - Michu Michu will be performed in the Open Air Theatre of Calcutta Stories Cafe ( Tak Heng) at 7 pm on Feb 4, 2020.