Michu Michu is a play by Prasthan. Do come and watch.

For Banksy, celebrating the vigilance of the artist.


A scary fairytale, imagine a country tossed in time where all normal social relationships have been ruptured and dismembered. Hatred, violence, anger, destruction and hopelessness are cultivated. Terror is been produced and freedom of expression implies accepting the logic of the supreme leader. Fear envelopes everything, one is scared to believe in himself, every move is observed and censured.

In some time, we shall experience apartheid – this world will be inhabited by a few greedy, selfish, blind people. There will be no need to kill or silence dissent – for the state would have turned its citizens into voiceless and senseless guinea pigs – who will be there to listen or head to cries for freedom ?

In the form known as Third Theatre – Michu Michu

will be performed in the Open Air Theatre of Calcutta Stories Cafe ( Tak Heng) at 7 pm on Feb 4, 2020.

A performance by Prasthan, presented by Calcutta Stories Cafe , Masterpeace Bengal & Culture Monks.


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