Drishya along with Culture Monks and Alliance française du Bengale commemorates legendary filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak (4th Nov 1925- 6th Feb 1976) in the month of his demise through a talk session-cum-screening program.


Date : Feb 14, 2020

Time : 6:30 pm onwards

Place : Alliance française du Bengale , Park Mansions, Park Street

Eminent poet, essayist and educationist Prof. Avik Majumdar will be delivering the talk. Ghatak’s 1973 masterpiece ‘Titas Ekti Nadir Naam’ (‘A River Called Titas’) will be screened after the talk. The film will have English subtitles.

It will be, perhaps, for the first time perhaps that Calcuttans will be witnessing the brilliant new restored version of ‘Titas Ekti Nadir Naam’ brought to us by the ‘The Film Foundation’, led by Martin Scorsese in association with Steven Spielberg. The restoration was carried out in 2011 (as part of Scorsese’s initiative ‘World Cinema Project’).

The legend of Ritwik Ghatak has only grown after his premature death in 1976. The initiative by Martin Scorsese to restore and bring to us his films in high quality has added a new dimension to this legend.


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