From the spine of the night to the belly of the butt: Bimba to Mayangkhola by Parnab Mukherjee

an article written by Parnab Mukherjee against perpetration of violence and the need for deconstruction of memory in order to find a new canvas for a new narrative. It is a protest against the gross human rights violations by Indian security forces in Nagaland.

A Text for Justice. Adaptation of Badal Sircar’s Bhool Rasta

"Return back…. A homecoming… Bas… is that all… do you accept it… is it that linear… simple… I don’t buy the story…. The girls walked back… do you call it walking…their feet dragged on the dusty road… the hip movements seemed disrupted…. heads bent down…. Lips blacked out red… and the bodies … I don’t know…because they never reveal, never declare or complain… therefore the other story remains untold…. What story man… do they deserve stories…. it is only the King and the Queen who has them…. Country girls phew….."

An adaptation of the Badal Sircar play - Bhool Rasta ( Incorrect Road) by Janardan Ghosh


Open call for “The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival, 2016”

About Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival The Ghosts of Shakespeare festival is organized by The Arshinagar Project every year to commemorate the birth anniversary, and hence starts on April 23rd. The festival is held at multiple venue in Kolkata and its suburbs. This year we are going to take this festival to Bangalore & Delhi.   … Continue reading Open call for “The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival, 2016”