Radio is a rainbow
Repository of consensus and dissensus
Radio is that voice where
We listen to the human in
And imagine the voice of the body and not body of the voice
Welcome to Sonic Immunity
See the listening
Hear the unseen

Welcome to Sonic Immunity – a program featuring music and spoken word from around the world on MasterPeace Radio, every Monday @ 9:30 pm IST , i.e. 4 pm UTC & 5 pm (Cameroon time).

The show includes live phone calls and stimulating discussions on making music and the current state of affairs.

The episode on May 18 , 2020 will feature music from Cameroon.

Radio Link :

This special edition of Sonic Immunity will focus on a country (Cameroon) with an ongoing armed conflict for the past four years. The music you will listen to, will encompass a variety of genres, sung in a series of native languages including the two national languages; English and French, thereby symbolising the multicultural diversity of Cameroon. But, the message is one, Peace. Peace is what Cameroon needs this minute. A cry for peace in this part of the world is really a call for concern. The conflict has been ongoing for over four years now and, more people are still dying, and more people are still getting internally displaced as more villages are getting burnt on daily basis.

(Briefly) Cameroon is a central African country which for the past four years has been In a state of decadence as a result of the socio-political upheavals in the English speaking regions that has taken thousands of lives, more than half a million internally displaced and more than fifty thousand others wandering as refugees in neighbouring Nigeria.

The program will act as platform to showcase the cry of young Cameroonians through music, interpreting the situation from the own perspectives but centered on one subject; crying for Peace.

MasterPeace Radio is a part of a global peace movement called MasterPeace.

The program Sonic Immunity will feature music and spoken words and will feature content from around the world.

Contexts are open however we would like to feature content which dwells into the subjects of democracy, justice, environment, gender, global citizenship , human rights , etc.


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