Alliance Francaise du Bengale & Culture Monks are delighted to announce the start of ‘Theatre Adda – The Park Street Sessions’, from October 9th, 2015.

Theatre Adda, will feature sessions of  creative performances including theatre, performance art, storytelling & other interdisciplinary form of expression. We will also features discussions, lectures and activities related to theatre & performances. The content will multilingual and from various styles and genres.

The objective of the sessions is to provide space for emerging talents and marginalized, experimental theatrical practices. This space is both a space for exhibition as well as a lab for development & experimentation. We would like to forge participative dialogues which is cross cultural and interdisciplinary in nature , address the problems of culture formation & creative expressions an find models of possibilities and demonstrate the models.  We would like to be as inclusive as possible and would be looking to dwell into non represented or non representative forms, to confront the normative and disrupt it, to allow voices to emerge, which were the silences of the past. At the same time we would like to work with the conventional, to see how it informs the present and the future, in view of the changing dynamics of global politics, art, economics and society. inclusive.

The sessions are open to all and will be non ticketed.

For more information please write to or call +918697919308


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