The 1st chapter of the  Kolkata Butoh Festival,organized by Subbody Butoh School & The Arshinagar Project, was held from Feb 20- 28th, 2016. The festival bought to the people of Kolkata, a glimpse into the practice of contemporary Butoh. It also enabled space for unique collaboration and experimentation, which created new forms, which will be pursued further.

We are ever grateful to our supporters – Alliance francaise du Bengale, The Old House, Iris Home fragrance, Padatik Theatre, Proscenium Art Center, Ta’aams restaurant, Kamal Kutir, Sourabh Datta Gupta, Anirban Dutta, Supriyo Nandy,


The workshops were held at Padatik Theatre & Kamal Kutir.


Work sessions

Work sessions were held at Padatik Theatre


“She” – a contemporary performance at 5/1b, Deshopriya Park (East)

( Performance by Iza Wazsek)


Street Performance near Deshapriya Park


“Resonating at Ta’aams” – A Performance Art event


“Resonating” with Kali & The Sick Dancing Princess – an ensemble act at Alliance francaise du Bengale, Park Mansion, Park Street

Watch the video :

“Resonating” with Kali & The Sick Dancing Princess – an ensemble act at The Old House, Chowrighee


Sponsored by:


Supported by:

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2 thoughts on “Kolkata Butoh Festival – A Report

  1. It was a superb experience to see the expression of art and character come out so naturally….especially the music that was enmeshed as the base of the art.


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