Video Art exhibition in kolkata

The # International Video Art Xibition was as expected a  completely new experience for most of the audience in Kolkata. For most people were trying to  understand the differences between short films & video art. Others liked the wide ranging topics and themes which were on display by artists from around the world. Understandingly the Kolkata audience loved the segment by Marcus Shahar and Nezaket Ekici due to the strong performative nature of these videos.

Here is the video report.

The xibition was held at Alliance francaise du Bengale on April 28, 2017.

For more details and complete content of the xibition please visit this link

Warm thanks to all the artists and curators who participated in this Xibition. The curators included Wilfred Agricola de Cologne, Robert Cahen, Francesca Fini & Marcus Shahar.

Greatly grateful to Eshan Sil for making this video.

Warm thanks also to Alliance francaise du Bengale for their support and the audience.

Watch our for the next edition of the xibition coming soon !!


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