The Bengal Theosophical Society & Culture Monks presents a workshop to develop the body, mind & voice for the actor. This workshop will be conducted by Soti Rampati Dwivid.

The workshop will be held from May 21-25, 2017 . Attendance is necessary on all 5 days.

Physical theatre acting workshop

In the practice of physical theatre/acting, it is necessary for an actor to be connected to the external and internal simultaneously. This workshop seeks to provide an outline to achieving an internal and external relationship within the self as an actor and in his/her craft.

Training the actor to stand still while not standing still evokes the transformation of the actor’s relationship to his/her body or mind in practice. Gradually after practicing on the exercises of physical theatre (The set/methodology is developed by Soti Rpd), Methodology, the relationship of the body and mind will develop and one will be able to find a consistency in entering a state of readiness and awareness. Through training, one will achieve a sense of the self as an energy and movement in constant flow with a powerful center that is free, released, and controlled.

Thus, begins the act of moving without moving where one controls the stillness of inner core.

Borrowing forms from the ancient practice of yoga, Kalaripayattu, wind dance one can gain this awareness and practice as it allows for a momentary stillness and inner fullness where one is able to reflect in his/her concentrated gaze and readiness to respond.

Training workshops are conducted for a variety of theatre practices necessary for basic development of discipline, skills, and techniques.

introduction to basic principles in acting including:

1. Work that begins and ends with the breath.
2. Working through the entire body, with emphasis on contact through the feet with the floor
3. Embodying key metaphors for actualization of practice
4. Developing a language of and principles for spatial awareness
5. Developing focus, a state of concentration necessary for performance
6. Developing dynamic ‘energy’ for application to performance through modulation
All of the above are necessarily developed over a long-term period. The basic workshop offers a
glimpse into the possibilities of such training, which must become both intuitive, and available
for application if it is to be useful to the actor.

Who Can Join

This workshop is open to anyone who is physically fit and wants to learn the fundamentals of training his body, mind and voice .The participants will gain practical & theoretical knowledge essential for training for an actor. The minimum age to join is 16 yrs.

Workshop Fees :

the total workshop fee is Rs 1200.

Payment Link :


Soti is an actor, director, educator, acting/movement and voice/speech trainer who hails from Tilhar, Shahjahanpir, Uttar Pradesh, India.

A graduate from the Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore) with a Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre Acting, Soti has also received a Master of Performing Arts with a distinction in Theatre Arts from the University of Hyderabad, along with a Master of Arts in Hindi from the M.J.P. Rohilkhand University Bareilly, India.

He has received training under the tutelage of internationally reputed and distinguished teachers and directors like Aarne Neme, T. Sasitharan, Phillip Zarilli, Prof. B. Ananthakrishnan, Prof. Ramgopal Bajaj, Mohan Maharishi, Prof. S. Ramanujam, Abhilash Pillai, Marc Weinblatt, Bert Van Dijk, Leela Alaniz, Guillermo Angelelli, Adriano Basegio, Robin Payne, Noushad Mohamed Kunju and Satyabrata Rout.

Skilled with traditional, psycho-physical acting and intercultural performing art forms, Soti has an excellent command of versatility and expression through his repertoire in Bundelkhand Martial Arts (India), Chhau (India), Kalaripayattu (India), Kudiyattam (India), Tai Chi (China), Beijing Opera (China), Noh (Japan) and Wayang Wong (Indonesia), and contemporary practices like Michael Checkhov’s Acting Technique, The
Alexander Technique and other physical theatre disciplines.

Most recently, Soti conceived and devised his own solo performance expressed through psycho-physical theatre, titled Mirrors of the Soul- Memory, History and Trauma and is published in the Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017, the world’s largest contemporary performance network publication in New York, USA. He also received accolades for his role in the Virtuous Burglar, directed by Aarne Neme in 2016. In the same year, he contributed to a performance in Dastak, Singapore’s first Hindi Theatre Festival, for which he received the Best Actor Award for his role in Toba Tek Singh, directed by Edmund Chow. Some of his other stage acting credits with India’s luminary directors include Albert’s Bridge by Mohan Maharishi, Perenium-A Retributive Justice by Abilash Pillai, Reflection by Noushad Mohamad Kunju, and Ephigenia by Satyabrata Rout. In 2014, he debuted as a director of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in India and went on to further direct and devise contemporary performances of Samwadiya and Thais in in 2017 in Singapore.

Soti is also the Artistic Director of M.L. Ramanad Theatre Foundation in India and Co-Founder/Director of Theatre Incorporate in Singapore. Currently, he is working internationally as a freelance artist.

To Register

Please call 8697919308 or email


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