Young Monks Theatre Summer Camp is an intensive theatre camp for children. It introduces children to basics of theatre through games and exercises. The participant will learn about scripting a performance, the technicalities of acting on stage and then finally the confidence to perform in front of an audience. Mentored by experienced faculty who have conducted workshops throughout Indian and abroad, we hope that the child will cherish this experience.

The camp will cover introduction to theatre. It will include theoretical grounding into the basics of theatre & storytelling, exercises to shape up the body and voice for theatre, understanding of scripting and finally building & staging a performance.

The camp will be held from May 20 – 27, 2019 , with a break on May 23, 2019 due to elections, at Movein Dance Studio, Lake Town. The timings will be from 11 am – 1:30 pm.

Participation is open to children from ages 6 yrs – 18 yrs. The medium of instruction will be English. The facilitator is also conversant and proficient in Bengali & Hindi.

Certificates will be given out the end of the summer camp. We will devise a performance in course of the summer camp.

The Gist of the Workshop benefits :

1. CREATIVITY: Theatre training teach children how to think creatively through imagination. Creative thinking skills are critical in the world of future leaders, where the ability to create solutions to the problems is a necessary and valued asset.

2. CULTURE: Theatre training would help children to explore cultures and characters from all over the world- thereby teaching children lessons of empathy and cultural relativity.

3.  COMMUNICATION: Theatre exposes young people to new vocabulary and ways of communicating.Through the arts of dance, music, acting, children learn how to communicate in a variety of ways.

4.  IMAGINATION: Children need imagination to grow, create, think and play. Theatre is the single most valuable place where kids can explore the endless possibilities of their imagination and what they can do.

5.  LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Theatre training would help children to: a) learn and deal with their own emotions, b) confidence building acumen, c) problems related to peers/academics – solving skills, d) relating to other people around them e) public speaking f)positive body image g) development of self esteem h) understanding society and its problems i) teamwork, cooperative interplay, conflict resolution both personally and professionally.

The fee for this summer camp is Rs. 3200.

Please us this link to register :

Terms & Conditions

1. Please let us know that if the child is suffering from any injuries/medical conditions, before registering.
2. The fees for this summer camp is fully refundable, in case of cancellation on behalf of wither parties.
3. Other details for preparing for the camp will be shared with the registered participants.