Murat Nemet-Nejat was in Kolkata as part of his India tour.

The Quiver Review organized  private reading session on Feb 5, 2018 , where the poet & author shared his thoughts on many issues. This being his second visit to India and Kolkata, he is well familiar with the literary landscape of the city as well has many admirers and fans of his writings.

We were treated to a wonderful session of reading from an anthology he edited called : Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry & also his essay titled :  ‘Questions of Accent’ (‘What Is Then Accented Writing?’).

He touched upon his experience of dislocation as a Turkish Jew migrating to the USA and further dislocations within his ethnic community in USA for his views on the Jewish community ; on writers block & other aspects of his journey as a writer & translator.

His priceless insights into the works of contemporary Turkish poets and the great challenges in translating them into English was very enriching.

New Culture Mag was privileged to witness the session which we recorded and are happy to present in to you.

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Here are the recordings of the reading sessions in two parts :

‘Questions of Accent’ (‘What Is Then Accented Writing?’)

You can read the full essay here :

Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry



Buy the book on amazon :

You can read samples from the book by visiting this link :

About Murat Nemet Nejat 

Murat Nemet Nejat was born in Istanbul, and has lived in the United States since 1959. He has translated the work of a number of modern and contemporary Turkish poets. His book of translations of the poet Orhan Veli, called “I, Orhan Veli”, was published by Hanging Loose Press. Sun and Moon Press has published his translation of Ece Ayhan′s books, “A Blind, Black Cat, and Orthodoxies”. Issue #14 of Talisman magazine featured his versions of the work of a number of modern Turkish poets including, among others, Ece Ayhan, Cemal Sureya, Ilhan Berk, Behcet Necatigil, and Melisa Gurpinar. Nemet-Nejat′s own works include a book of poems “The Bridge”, a collection of essays entitled “A Question of Accent”, and another called “The Peripheral Space of Photographs”.


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