Subbody Butoh School and Culture Monks are very happy to present a transformational butoh intensive in Kolkata guided by Adam Koan.

Adam Koan who hails from the USA, is an international butoh performer, educator, writer, poet and scholar. He has trained, performed and taught Butoh throughout the world.

This workshop is open to everyone who is ready for an intensive experience which will involve movement based work.

The workshop is limited to 8 participants only.

To apply for the intensive workshop , please email your short bio and motivation statement to

About Butoh (from the manual of Adam Koan)

“It is a question of a model that is perpetually in construction or collapsing, and of a process that is perpetually prolonging itself, breaking off and starting up again.”¹ – Deleuze and Guattari

“Tatsumi Hijikata used the term butoh, which is a shortened version of its original form known as Ankoku Butoh, ankoku meaning dark. Dark was used for the emphasis of entering deeply into one’s being. The word butoh itself came from China and was adopted by Japan 1000 years ago. The word implies stomping or movement that descends to the ground.³

It is generally agreed that Tatsumi Hijikata along with Kazuo Ohno founded Butoh. Some add a third element, Yoshito Ohno (Kazuo’s son). Butoh began in Japan, and reached the international scene in the 90s. Butoh is generally now viewed as a worldly, universal art-form, not just Japanese. Its modality includes but can also spread beyond dance, theater, acting, and performance art.

Butoh takes endless themes. Butoh scholar Liao P identifies some major ones: (1) the search for identity; (2) social criticism; (3) seeking the Truth of life; (4) ceremony or festival; (5) body-mind coherence as a means of psychosomatic therapy

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About the Guide – Adam Koan

Adam Koan is a half Colombian half Venezuelan-American and international butoh performer, educator, writer, and scholar. He was raised in the small town of Belleview, Florida. He us particulalry concerned with increasing accessibility of butoh to the marginalized or less privileged, e.g. the LGBTQA, PoC, and mentally and physically unique. He is a classically trained dancer from Hillsborough Community College (2010 – 2012) and University of South Florida (2012 – 2013) and studied butoh in the Indian Himalayas at the Subbody School of Butoh (Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Summer & Fall 2017, Summer 2018) from Rhizome Lee.

Also was a regular student at Sara Zalak‘s Butoh Body on Sundays in Chicago (2015 – 2016). He also took part for a month of Cinthia Patiño’s 6 hour per week butoh winter semester in Mexico City (2017) along with Body Weather courses by Theresa Carlos (Mexico) and Martha Sponzilli (Italy).


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